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The Kashonna Files is a Los Angeles based beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog with the mission of providing high quality and informative content. She seeks to inspire and educate her readers to be the best version of themselves and OWN their unique individuality.

ABOUT | Blogger

Kashonna's expertise lies in the biological research, health/wellness, psychology and the beauty, fashion and visual arts fields. She uses her vast experiences in conjunction with her blog to provide her followers with a refreshing, fun and entertaining outlook on everything from taking care of your inner and outer health to planning the perfect night out. Her philosophy is simple- to provide an abundance of useful knowledge so others can become fruitful in their daily lives.   

     Outside of blogging, she's a 3rd year doctoral student in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Neurological Psychology. Her interests lies in behavioral health, holistic wellness, LGBTQ mental health, maladaptive eating, neurodevelopmental, trauma and stress, depression, psychosis and personality related disorders.   

STL raised me. D.C molded me. ATL enlightened me. L.A developed me