Fashion Forecast: Spring/Summer Must Haves

Spring is near and Summer is right around the corner! I'm so excited to enjoy the beautiful weather, non stop events, traveling and more that is sure to come. Of course, the right outfit and accessories will be needed.

Here are some must-haves that you should incorporate in your wardrobe....

Get Graphic

The bolder, the better! Keep accessories very simple and let the print stand out!

Get Graphic


Sheen Queen

Iridescent fabrics can be paired with simple hues by day and solid bold colors by night

Sheen Queen


Pencils Sharpened

Poised and Primed or Sexy and Daring, pencil skirts are front and center with patterns and bold colors

Pencils Sharpened


90s Nostalgia

Baggy jeans, high waist trousers, lose short sleeve tops, fitted long sleeve tops, slip dresses with a modern twist

StyleWE has many affordable looks that are fab for Spring and Summer, so make sure you check them out.

Are you currently rocking any of these looks? What else do you think is in for the seasons?

Natural Painkillers Found In Your Kitchen!

I am a person who does not believe in medicine! LOL I know that may sound crazy but I believe that giving your body too much of something foreign, makes your body prone to it and you start getting to the point where it's like you "need this" to survive (in Clinical Psychology, we call that addiction.) There have been many instances where someone's body healed on it's own and that's the route I like to go (especially if it's a headache of some sort.) 

I wanted to share with you the importance of watching what you eat because food can be powerful. Food is medicine, we need it to survive and we eat it when we are sick to help our bodies get the nutrients that it needs to properly function and heal itself. 

Here are some foods, found in your kitchen, that are good for reducing/killing pain.


Target: Muscle Pain  

Solution: Ginger

Ginger’s contains a potent compound called gingerols, which prevents development of pain-triggering hormones. Studies recommended 1 teaspoon of dried ginger or 2 teaspoons of chopped ginger to meals daily.


Target: Toothache 

Solution: Cloves

Next time you have a toothache, try chewing on a clove. It will sooth pain and inflammation for about 2 hrs (UCLA Researchers say.) Eugenol, the natural compound in cloves is a natural anesthetic. 


Target: Heartburn              

Solution: Cider Vinegar

A lot of women have been using apple cider vinegar (ACV) for shine in their hair weaves, but did you know that it is good for heartburn? If you are the type who LOVES hot and spicy food... "Oooo Me," then this one's for you. ACV contains malic and tartaric acids which helps to speed up the process of breaking down fat and protein so your stomach can digest it at a faster rate. Mix in 1tbsp of ACV in your water before every meal, experts say.


Target: Headache & Joint Pain   

Solution: Cherries

How tasty does THIS sound? Cherries contain anthocyanins (gives them that candy red color,) which serve an anti-inflammatory that is stronger than your over the counter ibuprofen & aspirin (see why I don't take meds!) A bowl a day will keep the pain meds away (hehehe!)


Target:  Cold Sores             

Solution: Honey

For those prone to cold sores, try this! Dap raw honey onto your cold sore 4x a dayThe natural enzymes kill inflammation, viruses and speed healing of damaged tissues researchers say.


Target: Bladder Infection       

Solution: Blueberries

Watch out Cranberry, you've got some competition! Blueberries contain tannins which circle around that negative bacteria in the bladder and stop them from causing that infection we oh-so-hate! Try 1 cup of blueberries fresh or frozen.


Target: Pain Injury   

Solution: Water

Good ol' H2O! Doctor's say drink 8 ounce glasses of water a day and do we.... NOOO! But... after reading this, you may want to. Water dilutes and clears out histamine, which is produced by tissue injuries. So drink up, it's not so bad :-)


Target: Back Pain 

Solution: Grapes

Back pain is a B!t**, but 1 cup of grapes daily can relax those tight blood vessels while improving blood flow to those damaged back tissues.


 Target: Painful Muscles   

Solution: Peppermint

Athletes Assemble! This one's for you (and everyone else :-)!) As an athlete, we did not get the job done right unless we came home tired and in pain, smh. A few times a week (at least 3) soak in a warm bath with about 10 drops of peppermint oil. Not only does it smell good, but it will relax muscles and calm your nerves.

Have you tried any of these foods or know of any other household pain killer remedies, please share! 

Event Recap: Lucky Magazine & Pandora Mother's Day event

On Saturday, I was invited to the Pandora "Mother's Day" event hosted by Lucky Magazine and my fellow blog girlfriend Trina from

The Baby Shopaholic

. The event was held at the Pandora store in Perimeter Mall and featured jewelry pieces put together by Trina and Lucky Magazine Accessories Editor, Melissa Lum. Mall shoppers had the opportunity to create unique pieces for their loved ones (

which included a complimentary gift with a purchase of $75 or more

,) win prizes from Pandora and Lucky Magazine, partake in light appetizers, listen to the hottest sounds by DJ Gravey and take cool photos with props in the photo booth!

If you are still in search of that special/from the heart gift for Mother's Day, then make sure you stop by Pandora for some beautiful, one of a kind jewelry pieces.

Find a store near you....

Pandora Store Locator

With Melissa Lum (Lucky Magazine Accessories Editor)

Jewelry pieces put together by Melissa & Trina 

With Trina from The Baby Shopaholic

Laura (

from Miss Beanie

) & Trina 

Trina's shoes..... LOVE!!!

Mall shoppers waiting in line to make their Mother's Day gifts!

DJ Gravey spinning the hottest tunes!

Photo Booth fun w/ Laura, Kate (

from KatelynGreer

,) & Tami (

from Talking with Tami


Up close look of my fit!

Project Q.U.E.E.N!!


I hoped everybody "checked their emails" because Janelle Monae and Erykah Badu are serving FIERCENESS Honey!! In the new video, directed by Alan Ferguson (Solange's boo) Janelle takes cues from the Mod and Psychedelic funk eras and puts her own unique spin on it. Erykah Badu makes her appearance as "Badula Oblongata (love it) and shows us how to "STRUT IT" while rocking stiletto boots with a large gray poodle in hand.  I am in LOVE with the video as she shows all of the haters that you can still be fierce without being raunchy.

The natural hair movement is taking over and both ladies look FAB rocking it!

Check out the stills and the video here...

Q.U.E.E.N. Video (Janelle's rap solo...DOPE!!)

Event Recap: SCAD Design Challenge

Taken from

Last Thursday, I was invited to an event held by students at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Atlanta. The students partnered with Hartwell Industries (a leading designer and seller of decor and blank garments) for the design challenge. The event was held to help raise awareness for the "Helping Hart" initiative. Fashion, graphic design, and advertising majors worked in teams for 72 hours to transform apparel from Hartwell into an original design that will be sold on (for every garment sold, Hartwell will donate a new garment to charity.)

Students submitted and presented their designs to friends, family, guests and a panel of judges including David Arnold (The Partnership), Michel Boyd (SmithBoyd Interiors), Angela Church (Hartwell Industries), Allison Mitchell (Jezebel Magazine) and Laura Cochran Nay (fashion blogger, Miss Beanie.)  Each submission was evaluated on creativity, apparel use, design technical ability and presentation overall. The winning team received a cash prize, a trip to New York to spend a day at Spiegel, learning about how a fashion house operates and Hartwell products.

Also, a Fan Favorite competition will take place on Helping Hart’s Facebook page where you can vote on your favorite submission.  Voting will run through May 10 and the winning group will receiving a cash prize and products from Hartwell.


Check out the winning team's design as well as the other design teams.

Photography by #carlosphoto

Photography by #carlosphoto

Photography by #carlosphoto

Photography by

Photography by #carlosphoto

Photography by #carlosphoto

*The Winning Team's Design* Photography by

Photography by #carlosphoto

*The Winning Team* Photography by

Blogger, Tiffany Style & I

Bloggers, Laura (Miss Beanie), Tiffany (Tiffany Style), Allison (Jezebel Magazine) & I

Laura (Blogger, Miss Beanie) and Allison (Jezebel Magazine)

Stella & Dot Review

Tameka, one of my lovely followers is a Stylist for a company called Stella & Dot. The company is a boutique-style jewelry and accessories line available through in-home Trunk Shows by Independent Stylists and online. Their gorgeous and affordable designs have been seen on Gossip GirlIn Style and Lucky Magazine and worn by some of today's hottest celebrities. 

Tameka sent me this FABULOUS Aurora cocktail Ring which has been worn by actress Tiffani Thiessen and seen in More Magazine. I love this ring because its very elegant looking at an affordable price. It can be dressed up or down and can be worn on any finger because it includes an adjustable sizer.

Make sure you check out Tameka's page because they have amazing gift ideas for Mother's Day, birthdays and Weddings!

Rock the Red Pump: Condoms & Cupcakes Recap

Happy Easter!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter Sunday and was able to spend time with friends and family :-)

I wanted to do a recap on an amazing event, the "Cupcakes & Condoms" event sponsored by The Red Pump Project. If you don't know about this event or organization, The Red Pump Project is a non profit organization founded on being a voice and advocate for bringing awareness to women and girls about HIV and safe sex practices. Annually, the organization hosts Rock the Red Pump in different cities and I was honored to attend the Atlanta event.

Cupcakes & Condoms was hosted by The Red Pump Project Atlanta ambassador Skyy Banks and was held at ROOM at Twelve. The event brought out some fabulous supportive women who all rocked their red pumps (and sneakers) in support of this great cause. The keynote speaker kept everyone's attention with her "realness" and was very informative. The guests were given three types of candies that each represented that person's sex life...

Frooties- you are a person who gets around, but don't have anything

Laffy Taffy- you are safe and don't get around

Hershey's Kiss- you have chlamydia, gonorrhea and HIV

The women with the Hersey's Kiss were told to touch someone that was in the room who then contracted the STD. She also went on to speak about how sex costs on five different levels: spiritually, financially, emotionally, physically and psychologically.

The event also included poetry, free HIV screenings, a gift bag full of vendor samples and condoms as well as a candy bar that included delicious cupcakes by OMG Cupcakes.

Check out the pics

FLOTUS covers Vogue!!

Michelle looks AMAZING on her 2nd cover, the April 2013 issue of Vogue!

In the interview, the First Lady talks about the stressful role of being the FLOTUS and her relationship with Prez Obama. She is such a positive role model for women and young girls everywhere (which is DEFINITELY needed right now!) She puts God first then family and then her job, and as stressful and scrutinizing as it is, she does it with a smile on her face and is not afraid to address the haters!

*Ladies take note!!*

Check out the pics and make sure you pick up the issue out now.

My FAV!! The 1st lady looks so STUNNING in this Michael Kors dress

Fro' Fashion Week Recap

Happy Sunday!

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to partake in some of the events for the famous Fro' Fashion Week that goes on here in the ATL. To be quite honest, I never heard of it until I moved to Atlanta and to be even more honest, I didn't know there were this many events for natural hair until I decided to go natural! 

I attended "Fro Fashion's night out" and "I love me because I am different... children's event" and I got to meet and hang out with Tarin, founder of Fro' Fashion week and Jessica McGuinty, founder of Jessicurl (I am also one of her newest hair models for her line, stay tuned for pics!!)

Check out the photos...


From Curly to Straight.... Hair Tutorial

Happy Sunday Loves!!!

A few weeks ago I did my booski's hair! She normally wears her hair curly, but I have been DYING to straighten her gorgeous curls. When going from natural to straight, it is very important to use good quality products that add moisture and serve as a heat protectant from damage that can be caused by a blow dryer and flattening iron.

Check it out from start to finish :-)

Hair in its original state (2 day old hair)

Freshly washed and deep conditioned hair (sat under a hooded dryer for 15 min.)

Hair blow dried

Flat ironed with a CHI

Products used for washing, deep conditioning and pre blow dry

Products used for heat styling

Jane Carter @ Whole Foods

I love Jane, so when I found out that she was doing her Whole Foods hair tour in Atlanta, I couldn't miss the chance to meet her in person! Last year, she was so gracious enough to send me my first products to review for my blog (Product Review: Jane Carter) and I absolutely loved them.

The event brought out a nice crowd of women who were very curious and ready to learn what they can do at home to maintain their natural locks. Jane teamed up with the ladies of Tress Talk ATL and they did hair demonstrations, gave away free samples and some women also won full size products.  

Jane was VERY down to earth, humble and such a beautiful spirit to be around! She had the opportunity to interact with the ladies and vice versa and one question that was posed was would Jane come out with a line of hair color. Hmm..... We shall see :D

Check out the photos....

The Ladies of Tress Talk ATL & hair models

Jane working her magic!

Jane & I

The hair models

Jane, the ladies of Tress Talk ATL & I

Winner of a full size product gift bag

The ladies of Tress Talk ATL

Jane & the ladies of Tress Talk ATL

Diva Premier Hair..... 3 month Update!!

Happy Sunday!

I wanted to do a 3 month update on my Diva's Premier Indian Curly hair that I got installed back in December 2012.  The hair has held up really good as far as the curl consistency goes and still looks good (the older it gets, the better it looks.) However, the hair does get tangled though not tremendously since  I have been using quality conditioning and moisturizing products on it. The hair is NOT meant to be straightened and I figured this out after I blow dried and attempted to straighten it with my CHI flat iron. However, it does look fabulous when it is blow dried straight and curled with a curling iron. 

Check out the products that I used and pictures :-)

Stylist (She is AMAZING, reasonably priced AND she travels!!!)
Demi Owens (IG: The Hair Source)

Products Used (in rotation)
Beautiful Curl Shea Butter Curl Activating Shampoos & Conditioner
Beautiful Textures tangle taming leave-in conditioner
Spray Bottle Mix (Apple Cider Vinegar, Shea Butter & Tea Tree Oil & Water)
Jessicurl "Too Shea"
Jane Carter Solution "Curl Defining Cream & Revitalizing Leave-in Conditioner"
CHI "Magnified Volume Spray, Iron Guard & Silk Infusion" (for heat styling)
BioSilk "Silk Therapy" (for heat styling)

This is about the amount of hair that sheds when I de-tangle

Jan 2013: Air dried & in it's natural state

Feb 2013: Washed & set with flexi rods

Feb 2013: Washed blow dried & curled with a curling iron

Feb 2013: Washed blow dried & curled with a curling iron

Product Review: Arbonne (plus 20% off)

A few months ago while I was covering St. Louis Fashion Week, I met Cornelia Baum, a beauty consultant for Arbonne. We chatted and exchanged information and she allowed me to try some of the beauty products.

Background Info
Arbonne is a distribution company that sells beauty, personal care, health and wellness products through independent representatives. Founded out of Switzerland, the products are based on botanical principles founded by the work of one man and a plethora of bio chemists, herbalists and biologists. The company prides itself on providing quality, safe and valuable products that deliver results and benefits.

I reviewed the RE9 Advanced anti-aging set and from this set, the products that I used were the...

Smoothing Facial Cream (key ingredients: algae extract & sea buckthorn oil)
Antioxidant Regenerating Toner (key ingredients: algae extract & sea buckthorn oil)
Corrective Eye Cream (key ingredients: algae extract, marine lavender & alfalfa seed extracts & hydrolyzed lupine protein)
Restorative Day Cream w/ SPF 20 (key ingredients: algae & kudzu root extracts & peptides)
Night Repair Cream (key ingredients: algae extract, marine lavender & beech tree bud extracts & peptides)

The Good
I really loved the products that I used! They made my skin feel soft, healthy and left my skin glowing. I did not get any irritation or breakouts from using the products either. I used the products for a month straight two times a day (morning and night) and again really saw results.

In addition (and this is my personal opinion from using other beauty products,) I LOVE using products based in Switzerland and the Arctic because the natural botanical products that they use are plants that have withheld the ever changing climates there. You find products that have naturally been torture-tested by the elements and because of this, their raw materials are most intense.

The Not So Good
Although the products worked great on my skin, I do not like how expensive they are. Individually, the products for this line alone range from $35-$85 and for this set it is $323, which is not feasible and ideal for a working college student with bills (ME!!,) working moms or anyone who is on a budget.

Also, I wish that the SPF in the day cream was a bit higher since in today's environment with all of the global changes and problems, the temperatures and sun rays are much more harsh.

NOTE/DISCLAIMER: I already practice a good skin care regimen and I have been doing so for years along with eating healthy and drinking plenty of water, so for someone trying out a new product line that has good skin care habits already, it most likely would not take long to see results versus someone who does not.

To learn more or purchase products from Arbonne, visit

Independent Consultant Info:

Cornelia Baum

***She is offering 20% off to my viewers! Let her know "The KaShonna Files" sent you :-) 

Gutter Magazine presents.... Black HERstory Month

Happy Monday!!

Since it's Black History Month, I thought it would be quite appropriate that I shared with you all the editorial photos that I did for a spread for Gutter Magazine a few years ago in Baltimore when I was attending Howard (H.U... You KNOW!!)

Gutter Magazine is an online publication that highlights fashion, the arts and street culture in the Baltimore, Maryland area. I was so ecstatic when they asked me to do their February 2007 Black History Month spread paying homage to Black fashion pioneers AND THEN featured me again but this time on the cover of their December 2007 cover.

Check out the photos, I hope you enjoy and Happy Black History Month to you all!!

Photographer: J.M. Giordano
Make Up: Ingrid (All About You Artistry)
Hair: Maurice F.
Wardrobe: aParaDox

His & Her Valentine's Day gift ideas under $100

Are you still on the hunt for that perfect Vday gift for your mate.....? 

Well, maybe I can help!  

When you're on a tight budget, but still want to show that you care, it can be hard to find something that isn't cheesy and matches your significant others tastes. So with that in mind, I have put together a list of gifts under $100 that are sure to do the trick.  

*Click on the title in RED to go to the website for more info or to purchase*

1. Groupons are a great way to show your boo how much you care at HALF THE PRICE. You can choose from an array of items like gift cards to the spa, gadgets, dining, shopping and more!

2. Pommery's Pink POP Champagne Rosé is a great gift idea for your lady who enjoys the occasional "girls night in" with her chicas OR by herself after a long day ($14.95 individually or four split bottles for $59.95.)

3. Trixie Bag- cute, simple, chic and versatile describes this cross-body bag that she will absolutely adore ($78.00.)

4. Tablets are a great gift for everyone! They are efficient on the go and can be used for all your virtual needs. (prices vary $100 & under.)

 5. Aurvana Live Headphones are highly rated headphones with a  good quality build and sound and are great for music and home entertainment. These headphones are a great gift for your man and can be used everywhere he likes to go. ($69.09.)

6. Stovetop Smoker- dating one of those men who thinks he's the "king of the grill" and low-key always watches the food network... this is for him! ($35.95.)

7. Jewelry Case- perfect for the woman on the go! This jewelry case can fit inside her purse and she can easily go from a day to night look ($50.00.)

8. Timex- great gift for your man! This watch can be dressed up or down and is a classic black, with a gray face and the touch of yellow isn't half bad ($65.00.)

Valentine's Day looks for Him & Her

Taken from

Whether you are planning a night out on the town or an intimate dinner for two, you should look AMAZING while doing so! For my fellas, I know it may be hard to find something that doesn't take away from who you are or is too far out of your comfort zone and for my ladies, you want to stand out but don't want to look cheap or like every other female wearing the same thing while doing so. On my Polyvore page, I have put together some looks for you and your boo if you are still on the hunt for something simple or showstopping to wear for Valentine's Day.

*For more info on each collection, click on the picture title to go to my Polyvore page for details*


Showstopper (V-day look #1)
Showstopper (V-day look #1) by thekashonnafiles featuring a bodice dress

Sexual Chocolate 

Sexual Chocolate (Men's Vday look #2)
Sexual Chocolate (Men's Vday look #2) by thekashonnafiles featuring alexander mcqueen

Get V-day SEXY with Karena and Katrina!

I have been in the gym hardcore for the last 2 weeks toning up my body for my 2 photo shoots this month (1 with my new agency and 1 for this fab make up artist and designer.)

Along with going hard in the gym, in the mornings, I have been working out from youtube videos in which I came across 2 beautiful personal trainers Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up.

These ladies are so motivating with killer bodies and on their website, they have been promoting workouts geared to making you look "Oh So Sexy" for Valentine's day with their "Love your Body" work out challenge. The workouts are short, simple and effective and if you stay on task and commit twice a day along with eating healthy, I'm pretty sure you will see results just in time for you to slip on your red hot dress for your night out. Plus they are giving away prizes from Victoria's Secret...HOLLA!!

Join the challenge on their website......

Tone It Up

Also check out this amazing Youtube Channel for more workouts...

LiveStrong Woman Channel

Make sure to post pictures of your Fab looks for V-day on my FB Page

The KaShonna Files

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Just wanted to give you all a quick update.....  I am in the process of moving & I have so many exciting things coming your way! I am in the process of collaborating with different companies on new product reviews, events AND casting calls. So make sure you stay tuned!!

Much ♡♥♡ & Stay F.A.B.


Top Award Show Hairstyles

Amanda Seyfried's Romantic Wave
Just a little hair porn from the red carpet to start your weekend off right!! Enjoy ladies <3

Alesha Dixon's Haute Bob
Taylor Swift's Sleek Side Bun

Jennifer William's Top Bun

Jessica Chastain's Chic Pulled Back Waves

Isla Fischer's Side-Swept Wavy Hairstyle

Halle Berry's sexy Crop

Julianne Hough's Punk Updo

Ledisi's Multi-Toned Locs

Nichole Galicia Sexy Side Pony

Gabrielle Union's Sexy Curls

Taraji P. Henson's Sexy Side Curls

Lucy Liu's Side Fishtail Braid

Anne Hathaway's Side-Swept Short Hairstyle

Beautiful Curls Product Review

Happy New Year Loves!!!

I hope the year has started off right for you all and you are following those "New Year's Resolutions" that I'm pretty sure most of you have made lol....

A few months ago, I did a review on Alaffia's skin care line. Today I am doing a review on their "Beautiful Curls" Shea butter Shampoo and Conditioner.

Beautiful Curls "Curl Activating" Shampoo. This shampoo did make my hair feel kind of rough. It didn't feel silky soft like it said in the product description but it did get my hair clean and rid of product and residue buildup so I like to use it as a clarifying shampoo. However, I do use the shampoo on my virgin Indian curly and Cambodian wavy hair and it makes it feel amazing!

Beautiful Curls "Leave-In" Conditioner. I love this leave in, it makes my hair easy to comb through and leaves it soft. I like to use it as a moisturizer when my hair feels dull and dry as well. I also use it on my weaves when I braid it up as night and it makes it more manageable throughout the day.

Both products are Gluten, Sulfate and Paraben free, Vegan and contain no synthetic fragrances.

Check out their site at Beautiful Curls

Note: This review is my personal opinion of how the product works in my hair. Every hair type and texture is different.