*~*FASHION SwAp*~*

Are you low on cash, but looking to update your wardrobe? Bought an item that you regret buying but can no longer take it back or exchange it? Or better yet you don’t want to pay mall prices to look FAB…???

Fashion Swaps are a GREAT way to get hot clothing and accessories for FREE (yes I said FREE!!) A fashion Swap is when you take clothing, shoes and/or accessories that you no longer have any use for and “swap” them with others. The Fashion Swaps that I’ve participated in have been held at local boutiques in my area, but that’s not to say that you can’t grab a group of friends and hold a Fashion Swap party in the comfort of your own home. TRUST ME, you won’t be disappointed if you attend one!

The above picture is all of the goodies I scored at the last swap I attended and most of the items are new. But if you happen to find something HAUTE that’s used, just wash or clean it and you’ll be good to go :)