Skin Care... How many of us have it?


Good skin care habits should be establish NOW (esp. if you are in your 20’s.) I know… I know… who’s really thinking about skin care in your 20’s? That’s the least of your concerns when you have more important things to worry about like college, work, partying with your friends, dating woes or just lounging around. Well… believe it or not, your 20’s can actually make or break your future when it comes to your skin and sorry ya’ll, soap and/or just lukewarm water is not going to help clear your skin of all of the impurities that it’s encountered in this harsh environment!!

Here is a great article(

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) that breaks down a simple skin care regimen to follow for every decade that you are blessed to see.

Having a good skin care regimen (along with eating healthy

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is going to carry you a long way and when your in your 60’s looking like your in your late 30’s, you’ll be glad that you put in the work :-)

“I’ll put up a post about some of the skin care products that I use soon…”