Clip in extension tutorial

So I needed a change with my hair and I wanted to do something different and go long. Of course I've worn extensions in the past, but the hair I used was always straight or had a slight wave. Since I'm going natural, I decided to do clip in extensions with curly hair (to blend in with mine and keep the heat off my leave out.)

I made my own clip in extensions which is easy and cheaper than buying them already done. To do this, you will need...

Weave Clips
Hair Thread
Hair needed
Weave of your chose (I used Milky Way "Water Wave" hair)
Hair scissors
***All can be purchased at your local beauty supply***

1. I corn rowed (well...ATTEMPTED to lol) my hair to the back leaving my edges and a little of the top out to blend in with the weave.

2. Next I measured the weave across my hair/head and cut it with the scissors so that I had a perfect fit (keep in mind, each track will be a different size.)

3. Pick up one of the hair tracks and make sure the inside of the hair track is facing you. The inside is where you sew in the clips. Lay the track back down, with the inside of the track facing up.

4. Thread your needle using the hair thread. Double or triple knot the thread to get a good hold.

5. Hold a weave clip on top of the hair track where the hair meets the fabric strip at the top (you will be sewing the clip directly into the fabric strip.) Using the needle and thread, sew the clip onto the hair track. You will need one clip on each side and possibly one in the middle if the hair track is 4 inches or longer.

6. After you clip all of the extensions in, cut and style as desired