Fashion Design 101: Head of the Class


It’s that time of year again kids where we limit our socials lives (no more sleeping in and doing whatever it is we want to under the sun) to a minimum and get serious and focused on the task at hand, SCHOOL. Back to exams, POP quizzes, papers, extracurricular activities and the many other things that we are doing to build our foundation’s future. Although it’s time to get back in “serious mode,” who says that you can’t have a little fun, especially with your wardrobe.

This “Back to School” season, we want to stand out in the crowd, mix comfort with style (especially if you’re doing lots of walking OR running to try to make it to class on time,) as well as scoring FAB finds on a student budget (think vintage and thrifty finds.)

What’s In   

Colorful skinny denims and leggings
are hot this fall and a fun way to transform your look instantly! Neon colors are most popular as we come to the end of the summer months and the darker tones are a good way to switch up your boring denim in the coming fall months.

Graphic tees are always in style because they can be dressed up or down with blazers, jeans or skirt options.

Sweaters and Cardigans are big this fall especially if you’re in College and in a more professional degree program (i.e. School of Business or in a Greek organization.) You can create various looks from tailored/polished to more playful by adding a pop of color.

Tribal prints are in because they are so versatile, can be worn any season and you can find them in pastille colors or darker tones.

Accessorize your Lifestyle: Accessories are always a “Back to School” trend because they can dress up any outfit in a matter of seconds, especially when it’s exam time and you don’t feel like dressing cute because you’ve been up all night studying for finals (the story of our lives right?) Bright bags, stud embellishments, layered bracelets, headbands, nerd glasses and long chain necklaces are all in.

Take a look at some options below…

Taken from another stylist Fashionista


The KaShonna Files

Taken from another stylist Fashionista

Taken from another stylist Fashionista

The KaShonna Files

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