Product Review: Curls Cashmere Collection

Cashmere Curl Jelly & Leave in Conditioner

I have been trying out a couple of different products (not a product junkie tho :-) to find out what works best on my hair and I had the opportunity to review the Cashmere Collection by Curls hair company and I must say that I really do like their line of products and the fact that it smells like I walked into a bakery full of deserts is also a PLUS lol. The products that I reviewed are the curl jelly and the leave in conditioner.

Cashmere Curl Jelly: At first I was skeptical as to how this product would work on my kinky curly transitioning type hair because the product was not heavy and I assumed that it would be more for type 3a or b hair. I was wrong, this product did define and elongate my tightly curled hair and I liked the fact that I could use it for wash and go, twist outs, roller set styles and also if I wanted to wear my hair in a sleek pony tail. 

I also used this on my curly synthetic/human hair mix clip ins and it actually worked to hold and define those curls... Amazing :-)

Cashmere Curl Jelly: Lightweight but definite hold

Cashmere Leave In Conditioner: This leave in conditioner left my hair soft, moisturized and defined my curls like the jelly did. I like the fact that it contains Keratin (which is the main component of hair) and works to restore the keratin that may have been lost. I also love that it contains a lot of natural ingredients that work to maintain the health of my natural hair along with keeping it moisturized. 

When I used the leave in and jelly together, my curls were even more defined and it also works to seal and protect the little hair that I have left that is still relaxed.

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