Product Review: Sister's Keeper

About a month ago, I attended the "Own Your Natural" hair workshop and Kiki, the owner of Sister's Keeper gave me some products to review for my blog and today I'm going to review the "Hair & Body Souffle" since that is the one that I've used thus far (I will review the other later.)

What I like
Not only does it smell good, if feels and works just as good. On my hair, it works to keep the moisture in after I wash it and works just as good as a daily moisturizer if your hair gets dry like mines. I also like the fact that it doubles as a body moisturizer because my skin can get dry at times and when I use it after I shower, it really does work to keep the moisture in my skin throughout the day. It is very light, deep penetrating and not greasy which is also a plus.

This product contains all natural ingredients: Mango, Chamomile, Avocado butters, Aloe Vera juice, Apricot Kernel Oil, Vitamin E oil, Glycerin and you also have the choice to add your own fragrance oil (I'm currently using Mango.)

What I don't like
While I do like this product, I get some sort of sticky feel on my hands after I use it on body when I get out the shower and I don't know if that's just the fact that it's a souffle but since it works well, it's something that I can deal with.

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