Cutting Calories: 10 simple tricks to keep the lbs. off

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Summer maybe coming to an end, but that doesn't mean we should let go of all of the hard work that we put in over these past couple of months to look our best (you know... in that "little black dress.") The coming fall and winter months will be the TRUE test of will power and dedication to keep the pounds off especially with the holidays coming up. Don't fret, the simplest way to lose weight (and keep it off) is by cutting calories and you can drop a pound a weeby cutting out 500 calories/day (based on a 150lbs woman- Yahoo Health)

1.) Lollygagging- instead of sitting down or laying in the bed on the phone, walk around the house and do it. Also in addition to "bobbing" your head, try tapping your foot to your favorite jams.

2.) Step awayyyyy from the TV- instead of eating in front of the TV (which can cause you to eat up to 250 calories more,) eat at a table and then lollygag around the house, or take a walk for an hour.... That's an est. of 500 calories burned!

3.) Cut down on salad toppings- we all like to spruce our salads up here and there to make it more fulfilling but it's just that, a salad, not a buffet. Limit your toppings down to ONE(like a veggie) and save approx. 500 calories.

4.) Eat 6x/day and use smaller portions- Sounds crazy? Well it really isn't that far fetched. Eating a healthy snack (fruits, nuts, veggies, etc) multiple times a day in addition to your standard breakfast, lunch and dinner will cause you to eat a lesser portion when it comes to those three main meals.

5.) Healthier Dranks- instead of ordering your go to fruity alcoholic beverages, substitute the sugar for club soda, tonic water or cranberry juice and save a couple hundred pounds. Oh and make sure you break it down on the dance floor :-)

6.) Sweet Dreams- it is imperative to get your 6-8 hours of sleep a day (which may seem impossible to do in today's society of busy individuals,) but lack of sleep causes you to snack more... No bueno. Get more sleep and save about 1,000 calories (says the one who should be sleep right now lol.)

7.) Holiday Shopping- go shopping for about an hour, put your goodies away, cook that amazing homemade holiday dinner, serve and toast to the good life because you just burned 600 calories. Hey now!

8.) Skip the movie theater popcorn- and bring your own microwaved and low-fat kernels (you ain't here that from me) and save a couple hundred calories.

9.) Put down the fork- if your anything like me, you'll keep eating even when you know your full...Smh. So listen to your stomach and save those unnecessary calories.

10.) Check your servings- everything that you eat should have the "nutrition facts" somewhere (if not you can always ask.) Remember the calories are per serving and what your eating maybe more than one serving.