Product Review: Alaffia Skin Care Line

I was honored to have the opportunity to review Alaffia's Rooibos & Shea Butter Skin Care line because of their wonderful community empowerment movement to give back. Alaffia is a company that promotes "fair trade Shea Butter" which means that they only "practice fair and ethical procedures to ensure that producers in poor countries receive a greater percentage of the price paid by consumers for their Shea Butter. They also strive to empower women in West Africa by looking at what the women have to offer (their unique skills, traditions and knowledge) and compensate them at fair value for these skills. As a result, they gain income and livelihoods to support their families, while maintaining traditions and managing a sustainable resource." (taken from

For the past 2 months, I have been using the line faithfully. At first, I was skeptical because when it comes to my skin, I don't like to mix and match products because of the harmful effects that it could have, but these products proved true to what they stand for....

Antioxidant Facial Cleanser: I was worried when I used the cleanser for the first time because it was so creamy and moisturizing and I didn't think that it would be deep cleaning enough to get all of the impurities from the day off. Of course I was wrong, it did remove all of the dirt and make up from the day and I verified this by using an astringent to see if there was any dirt left over...NOPE!! It also made my skin feel good and not dried out because of the African wild honey and aloe.

Antioxidant Facial Toner: The toner is in the form of a mist spray which was new for me because I'm used to using a toner with a cotton ball. It is very refreshing and I like to use it throughout the day as a pick me up when my skin is looking dry. Some of the ingredients are Rooibos tea, Shea leaf extracts for protection, astringent witch-hazel and African wild honey for moisture.

Antioxidant Facial Cream: I love this facial cream because it is not greasy and penetrates deep in the skin and doesn't sit on top so you can actually see the results of it working to improve elasticity. It contains Rooibos tea, African wild honey, and virgin coconut oil.

This is a product that I will continue using and I suggest you all give a try. If not their skin care line, their many other products from hair to body.

Visit for more info on their products and their community initiative.