STL Fashion Week.... Marble Nail Tutorial

I'm so excited to be the Fashion Media Blogger for all of the events for St. Louis Fashion Week! So in honor of all the fabulous-ness that will be going down , I am dedicating this week to Fashion Week from my AMAZING style team to highlights from the events!!

Today's post is a nail tutorial of my cute nails that I did in preparation for fashion week. I wanted to do something that incorporated Fall, Fashion and Fun, so I hope you enjoy and make sure you try it yourself :-)

Marble Nail Tutorial

Step 1: Gather your materials (nail polish remover, Q-tips, nail colors desired, a container of water, toothpick or needle and tape..) You don't need scissors UNLESS you only have a roll of tape.

Step 2: Tape around your nail and finger (so that when you dip your nail into the water, you don't get all of the polish on your finger because this process can be messy.)

Step 3: After you tape off your nails, take the colors of your choice and dip them into the water (the colors will automatically spread against the water.)

Step 4: Take your toothpick or needle and create the abstract design of your choice with the colors.

Step 5: Take your nail and scoop it into the water/polish mixture so that your whole nail is immersed in the water.


Step 6: Allow your nail to dry for a bit before you remove the tape.

Step 7: Remove the tape from around your nail and if you have polish residue, use the Q-tip and polish remover to clean it up.

.............and Voilà  your done!!!

Simple, Easy and CHIC.....