Sunday Funday: Thrift Store Haul

Happy Monday loves!!!

Yesterday, I took my chica on her 1st thrift shopping experience :-) She's use to shopping at the malls and department stores and so I decided to show her how she could still look fabulous and spend next to nothing! I absolutely LOVE thrift & vintage shopping because it allows me to use my creative and artistic side to put together Haute outfits for just about any occasion. Plus, I hate shopping at the malls because it gets so cluttered, too expensive, I never find what I'm looking for and I don't like to look like everyone else lol.

Check out some of the fab items I scored....

I scored this dark denim peplum jacket for $15.00.... Yes ladies 15 bucks!! The buttons on the front and the inside lining is gold and the jacket is semi heavy. I can't wait to send it to the dry cleaners and add it to my Fall/Winter line up....HOLLA!!!

I found a dark purple (you can't really tell from the pic b/c it looks black) and a pretty pink pencil skirt for $3.00/each (can't beat that). I will definitely be dressing these up for my work day and for a night on the town with my girls.

I found an olive green/grayish droopy sweater (I have no clue what to call it but it's cute lol) for $3.00. I can't wait to pair it with some skinny jeans and my riding boots for a casual day out.

My friend found this turquoise/teal colored jacket that didn't fit her so she passed it on to me :-) for $4.00. This too can be dressed up or down.

I have been looking for a red blazer for like thee longest and finally found one for $4.00! It is wool with a gold button and I can't wait to step out in this piece.... Get IT!!

Lastly, I found some dark washed denim skinny leg jeans that zip at the bottom for $4.00....HOTNESS!!

Grand Total......... $36.00 (w/ no alterations needed)