Beautiful Curls Product Review

Happy New Year Loves!!!

I hope the year has started off right for you all and you are following those "New Year's Resolutions" that I'm pretty sure most of you have made lol....

A few months ago, I did a review on Alaffia's skin care line. Today I am doing a review on their "Beautiful Curls" Shea butter Shampoo and Conditioner.

Beautiful Curls "Curl Activating" Shampoo. This shampoo did make my hair feel kind of rough. It didn't feel silky soft like it said in the product description but it did get my hair clean and rid of product and residue buildup so I like to use it as a clarifying shampoo. However, I do use the shampoo on my virgin Indian curly and Cambodian wavy hair and it makes it feel amazing!

Beautiful Curls "Leave-In" Conditioner. I love this leave in, it makes my hair easy to comb through and leaves it soft. I like to use it as a moisturizer when my hair feels dull and dry as well. I also use it on my weaves when I braid it up as night and it makes it more manageable throughout the day.

Both products are Gluten, Sulfate and Paraben free, Vegan and contain no synthetic fragrances.

Check out their site at Beautiful Curls

Note: This review is my personal opinion of how the product works in my hair. Every hair type and texture is different.