Jane Carter @ Whole Foods

I love Jane, so when I found out that she was doing her Whole Foods hair tour in Atlanta, I couldn't miss the chance to meet her in person! Last year, she was so gracious enough to send me my first products to review for my blog (Product Review: Jane Carter) and I absolutely loved them.

The event brought out a nice crowd of women who were very curious and ready to learn what they can do at home to maintain their natural locks. Jane teamed up with the ladies of Tress Talk ATL and they did hair demonstrations, gave away free samples and some women also won full size products.  

Jane was VERY down to earth, humble and such a beautiful spirit to be around! She had the opportunity to interact with the ladies and vice versa and one question that was posed was would Jane come out with a line of hair color. Hmm..... We shall see :D

Check out the photos....

The Ladies of Tress Talk ATL & hair models

Jane working her magic!

Jane & I

The hair models

Jane, the ladies of Tress Talk ATL & I

Winner of a full size product gift bag

The ladies of Tress Talk ATL

Jane & the ladies of Tress Talk ATL