Rock the Red Pump: Condoms & Cupcakes Recap

Happy Easter!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter Sunday and was able to spend time with friends and family :-)

I wanted to do a recap on an amazing event, the "Cupcakes & Condoms" event sponsored by The Red Pump Project. If you don't know about this event or organization, The Red Pump Project is a non profit organization founded on being a voice and advocate for bringing awareness to women and girls about HIV and safe sex practices. Annually, the organization hosts Rock the Red Pump in different cities and I was honored to attend the Atlanta event.

Cupcakes & Condoms was hosted by The Red Pump Project Atlanta ambassador Skyy Banks and was held at ROOM at Twelve. The event brought out some fabulous supportive women who all rocked their red pumps (and sneakers) in support of this great cause. The keynote speaker kept everyone's attention with her "realness" and was very informative. The guests were given three types of candies that each represented that person's sex life...

Frooties- you are a person who gets around, but don't have anything

Laffy Taffy- you are safe and don't get around

Hershey's Kiss- you have chlamydia, gonorrhea and HIV

The women with the Hersey's Kiss were told to touch someone that was in the room who then contracted the STD. She also went on to speak about how sex costs on five different levels: spiritually, financially, emotionally, physically and psychologically.

The event also included poetry, free HIV screenings, a gift bag full of vendor samples and condoms as well as a candy bar that included delicious cupcakes by OMG Cupcakes.

Check out the pics