Artist Spotlight: Robin Groover + Atlanta Giveaway

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Very rare do you come across someone who is so inspiring, dedicated, humble and talented; but when you do, you cherish that connection because you know it's one of a kind! That's how I felt when I met and started working with (she is one of my clients at my fitness studio) Robin Groover, owner of Too Groovy Salon in Atlanta, Georgia.

Too Groovy is a natural hair care salon founded by Robin in 2003 for women seeking beautiful and healthy hair without a relaxer. The focus of the salon is to provide women the versatility of being able to wear textured or silky smooth styles without the harmful effects of chemicals. 

In addition to Too Groovy, Robin is the creator of Groove Therapy Healthy Hair Care Systemsprofessional products designed to simply Detox, Restore & Style (products which I absolutely LOVE!)  

The KaShonna Files chatted with Robin for an exclusive look into the journey and life of this amazing woman!  

1.) What sparked your interest in becoming a hairstylist?

I became a hairstylist because I wanted to play dress up everyday! Also, I never wanted a boss and a 9 to 5! There were too many people hating what they did daily! I wanted to love my career. Glamour, style and individuality was my attraction.


2.) What made you want to take your expertise further and become an educator?

Sharing knowledge was natural. When I was a new talent people were information hoarders and it made me sad. I wanted to share everything that I knew. Everyone deserves beautiful hair.

3.) Why did you feel that it was necessary to create Groove Theory?

There was a void in cleansing and conditioning that needed filling. Many products create build-up. Clean hair is healthy hair. I love bringing out an inner shine. The formula must be able to remove, hydrate and strengthen. It was hard to find it. Groove Therapy nourishes hair from the inside out. 

4.) Why did you decide to specialize in natural hair care?

Healthy hair has always been my specialty. Natural hair chose me. It was hair care evolution through Ceramic Fusion Styling and Technology. My discoveries were by chance while seeking time conscious techniques. I knew the strength was in the curl. So even as a chemical expert my clients curls were never straightened only softened. Ionic tools allowed me to manage the hair without chemicals beginning in 1997. It became the way of doing natural hair! Most people were using pressing combs and stoves back then.

5.) What is your take on the state and mentality of African American hair?

Wow! Black hair is....... A gold mine, beautiful and misunderstood! Black hair is power.  

6.) You are celebrating 10 years, CONGRATS! What made you decide to become a salon business owner?

Thank you, leadership is natural for me. I was born a boss. I always wanted to own a salon. I was in 6th grade when I decided that beauty is life for me. Salon ownership is about creating an environment of love for stylists and guests. I wanted a place people could prosper in many ways. 

7.) What are your "go to" hair products?

Groove Therapy, Design Essentials & Carol's Daughter. 

8.) Any advice for aspiring hairstylists and entrepreneurs?

Love it or Leave it 

To learn more about Robin and Too Groovy salon, visit

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Robin and Too Groovy Salon are celebrating their 10 year anniversary and The KaShonna Files is giving away 10- $10 gift cards that can be used at the salon for any signature service.