Artist Spotlight: Lindsay Pattan


Lindsay Pattan is one of THEE ultimate fashionistas in the St. Louis area! She's the founder of Miss Ohio Vintage and Handmade Happy Hour, the Social Media Coordinator for Bakers Shoes Footwear Group, blogger for Bakers Shoes "Shoeternity" site, as well as a blogger for her on personal sites; M.O.V and Heartland Underdog.

The KaShonna Files sat down for an exclusive interview with Ms. Pattan at her beautiful new space to do some catching up, girl talk and find out what's been going on in her world!

Check out the interview and more photos after the jump!

TKF: So I first met you when you posted a casting looking for models for your vintage boutique. How and why did you decide to start M.O.V?

LP: I was looking for something to do on my own hours that would give me extra cash flow. I started selling my own clothing on eBay, I then started buying vintage and my parents managed Estate Sales so I was familiar with it. Then I switched to Etsy and started traveling becoming the traveling boutique. We did our summer pop up shop on Cherokee Street for the summer 2011, we were going to do another summer shop, but this co-op opportunity for Thirteenth and Washington came up and we decided to sign a year lease.

TKF: You are also the Social Media Coordinator for Bakers Shoes; can you tell us how this position came about and what exactly it entails?

LP: I was an event coordinator and I wanted to get out of hospitality to get into the home office for retailers in St. Louis, so I researched retailers in the city and Bakers was my favorite. Unfortunately they weren’t hiring in the home office and told me that they do hire from within and so I got a job managing the Bakers store in the Galleria.  Since they didn’t have anyone dedicated to social media, and knew that I had a background in it, this position was created for me 9 months later. 

I manage all of the social media properties for Bakers; I do everything from strategy, content development, publishing and blogger outreach.



TKF: Is Shoeternity one of the blogs that you manage? And are fashionista’s allowed to post on the site?

LP: I do manage and fashionista’s around the world can login and create a profile and post their fashions. Every week one girl wins a pair of shoes and you can get voted into look of the day and we pick the look of the week and that person also wins a pair of shoes.

TKF: You wear so many different hats! You own a vintage boutique, you’re the Social Media Coordinator for Bakers, Founder of Handmade Happy Hour and you manage your own personal blog. How do you balance work and your personal life?

LP: I make it all work together, I found a way where everything feeds off of each other and works closely together. Bakers sponsors Handmade Happy Hour and that’s held outside of MOV, so the fact that I can work so closely on each project is helpful.

TKF: I love your new space! Can you tell me how this co-op came about?

LP: Kristen Linares owns the co-op and it’s called Thirteenth and Washington. It’s an editorial studio space created for anyone looking to build an image, or personal brand. There is a photo studio, retail space, hair and makeup area and we have stylist on staff as well.


TKF: Back to the Handmade Happy Hour event, can you tell me why you felt it was so important to showcase different local vendors in the St. Louis area?

LP: There are some pretty tight knit communities for independent creators from jewelry to clothing and art, but it can also be very expensive and intimidating for new businesses. We wanted to showcase new talent and give them the opportunity to spend next to no money and reach a lot of people. Also instead of having 100 crafters in a room, we have about 10 so you’re really not competing with anybody. Everyone gets a fair chance to make a little money and not get lost in the grand scheme of things.

Handmade Happy Hour happens monthly and this month we are doing it on Friday, July 20th from 5pm-9pm at our downtown Washington space (13th and Washington) across from Lucas Park. We will have live music outside and on the Lucas Park patio and we will have vendors from our space all the way up to Color Monster on Washington Ave. We will also have the Cubs vs. Cards game on the wall, open bar, kid’s corner and a designer pop up shop.

TKF: I love your style; you’re always exploring different fashion trends. What are your top 3 items for M.O.V this fall?

LP: I love to mix old and new and that is what M.O.V is founded upon. Having all of your basics and adding in subtle pieces to make statements. My style is pretty understated but I do love flowy skirts and statement necklaces, tiny little necklaces and double rings. I tend to go for the utilitarian style, although I try to mix it up with girlier pieces.

For fall I’m looking forward to all of the different textures and prints.

TKF: What’s next on your agenda to accomplish?

LP: I’m going to New York on Sept. 4th and 5th, and hopefully fashions night out and a couple of events for N.Y.F.W hoping to get back to blogging on M.O.V and my personal blog Heartland Underdog to re-establish those.

TKF: Any advice for aspiring fashionistas out there?

LP: Go with your gut and do what you want to do and don’t worry about what other people think. Although it can be particularly hard in St. Louis, put yourself out there!