Changing How We View Cancer Treatment

There are few things in life that are more devastating than hearing that a loved one has cancer. However, it seems that very few of us are destined to go through life without knowing at least one friend or family member who receives a cancer diagnosis. As challenging as a this can be, there have been a lot of advances in research made within the past few years. Many patients find themselves in outpatient settings, which can be much more convenient and less expensive than sitting in a hospital. But this can also be a bit alienating to someone who may be experiencing massive physical and mental strains on a daily basis. The one thing that studies have proven—over and over again—is that having an emotional support system can be a key component for someone who is undergoing treatment for cancer.

People are usually mistaken in believing that their loved one constantly want to discuss their treatment regimen or other aspects of their diagnosis. In this regard, you will want to let them lead the way. Chances are that if they’ve just been to chemotherapy this week, they may want to talk about something else. They may want to go see a movie or just hang out and drink tea. Being part of someone’s support system doesn’t necessarily have to be a heavy responsibility. Checking in on your friend periodically, asking them if they want you to bring them something, may be all that they need. Every case is different, so don’t assume that a loved one’s journey is the same as another’s. Try to be as considerate as you can possibly be; realize that your calendar might not work for them, so try to call them when they have some time to talk. Ask if they need help with chores or errands. You don’t have to break the bank helping someone; many times, the most helpful tasks do not require money. If your loved one’s appearance is different, try not to reveal your emotions about how they look. Remember that cancer may seem a lot worse than it is during certain portions of treatment.

Some organizations have dedicated a great deal of time and funding to the cause, such as the Lefkofsky Foundation. As the co-founder of Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky is a visionary who believes that cancer treatment needs to be brought into the 21st century. With an astute business sense, his endeavors have often been very high-profile, and his somewhat recent foray into the medical field is no different. Tempus is considered a “unicorn” fund, attracting an extraordinary level of investment from heavy hitters in the marketplace. Everyone recognizes that the need for better and more advanced cancer care should be a top priority in our society, and Lefkofsky agrees. 

Tempus wants to make it easier for physicians to do the simple things that will enhance their patients’ lives, such as digitizing clinical and molecular data for cancer. With Lefkofsky leading the charge, everyone is hopeful that real results will be generated.


Life First, Outlook Second: Dispelling The Positive Thinking Myth

We talk about changing our outlook to change our lives. All it takes is positive thinking, and everything will start to work itself out. But, for many of us, changing our outlook does barely anything to improve our lives. As such, we slip back into old habits and negative ways of thinking. That’s why we’ve decided to flip the issue on its head. Instead of changing outlook first, we’re going to look at how changing your life can make the most difference. Life first, outlook second; it may be the only way!

But, why should this advice be any better? For one, focusing on changing your outlook is lazy. Not that you’re lazy, of course. But, the people who claim this is the way to change your life definitely are. Changing outlook requires no more effort than smiling when someone walks all over you. The situation doesn’t change. Sure, you’re smiling, but is that enough? Changing your life will have much more impact. Instead of smiling when that negative friend puts you down, tell them how you feel. You could even remove them from your friendship group. Much better all round, right? And, here are some other examples of when changing your life first is the way to go.


People who claim outlook is everything can cause damage. These theorists fail to account for the importance of looking after yourself. You’ll be so busy pretending to be happy about rubbish things that you won’t have the time! But, when thinking about changing your life to change your outlook, this is a step you need to take.

For one, you need to make sure you’re getting enough sleep. If you’re tired, even a positive outlook won’t help. Eating right is also important here. The food you eat has a massive influence on you mentality. If you’re struggling to get a grip on well-being, a change in diet may be in order!


Mindfulness and meditation is a powerful tool that helps to transform your mood and outlook on life. Something as simple as working on breathing (to reduce stress) and staying present in the moment, maybe what your body is missing. I try to practice mindful mediation every morning before I start my day and I teach my therapy clients how to incorporate it into their daily lives. 

In addition to mindfulness, some individuals tend to seek counsel and inspiration through other forms, one being through astrology, numerology and/or finding meaning behind names which for some help them to find their purpose and meaning in life. 


Positive out-lookers claim that, if you’re unhappy at work, you need to reassess. They may urge you to stop seeing it as a chore. Instead, embrace opportunities and be grateful for what you’ve got. If you’re unhappy with work, a change of thinking isn’t going to help. It won’t ease the stress or help you find fulfillment. Again, this change is short-term. Once the rose tinted glasses wear off, things will be the same. Instead, we urge you to change your life. All it takes is finding a new job. Okay, so that may not be the easiest thing in the world. It takes a lot of courage. But, it’s a novelty that won’t wear off. Don’t settle for a job you hate and try to be happy about it. Find a job you love and reap the rewards


Break The Mold With These Wedding Planning Tips

Let’s be honest… it can sometimes be hard to tell one wedding day from the next! In 2018, there are definitely certain trends and patterns that you see over and over. It could be that you want traditional; after all, you’ll only get a wedding day once (hopefully!). However, if you want to break the mold, more power to you!

Avoid having a copycat wedding day with the following hints, tips, and ideas. Get inspired by reading on…

Break The Mold… Do It In An Unusual Venue

Churches, barns and marques are, in 2018, so overdone. Break the mold with your wedding venue by doing it in an unusual location. If you can guarantee great weather, how about a clearing in the forest. Live near the sea? Knock on the door on a lighthouse and ask if you can borrow their grounds for a day. A cliff-top ceremony will make for some incredible photographs and views! Are you getting married in a city center? Then how about a local music venue, or a theatre? The world is yours boo!


Break The Mold… Focus On The Videographer, Not The Photographer

Up until a decade or so ago, the photographer was the best way to capture the day. This is still true to a certain extent. However, they still only can capture the day in still life. So, how about mixing things up. You can still have a photographer, sure, but how about focusing on a videographer instead? That way, you have a short film of the day to treasure forever. There will be lots of parts of your special day that you won’t get to see for yourself. Take all of your guests first arriving at your venue, for example! Also, don’t forget that you can always take stills from the video footage also.


Break The Mold… Revert Back To Traditional, Personalized Invites

In this case, you’d be breaking the mold by returning to an old tradition. One that is slowly but surely becoming less popular. Sending personalized wedding invitations, of course! As the whole world moves online, there is a growing trend to invite people via social media. This might be with E-invites, or with a Facebook group. But your wedding invitation is your first impression of the day that you are giving your loved ones. Plus, who doesn’t love receiving mail that isn’t a bill!


Break The Mold… Rock A Colored Wedding Dress

White, ivory and cream dresses are beautiful yes. But is that really what you want? If so, great, go for it, but if you think you might want to be adventurous and something different, have the confidence to go for it. It is your wedding day, so nobody should tell you what you can or can’t wear! Wanna wear a huge, royal blue dress? Go for it! Want to wear something silky, red and floor-length? Why not! Your wedding day is your wedding day. Rules are there to be broken, and traditions are there to take or leave! 


Wedding Planning 101

Lots of women grow up with a detailed idea of how their wedding will look. They know the design of the dress they want. The color scheme has been set in stone for years. And there is often a scrapbook full of centerpiece ideas. Of course, not all girls want a big fairytale wedding.

But would you be happy letting go of the reigns on this most important day of your life?
Tastes and desires do change as we grow up. Each season, new ideas and designs come out that may excite us and influence our decisions about style. I like to think I keep on top of some of the latest trends. Perhaps I am even a trend setter in some respects.

A wedding is a great opportunity to really flex those creative muscles. After all, we often choose our own rings, and write our own vows. There is so much to plan and organize that spending time designing every detail may actually be a little tough to do. Most brides need to find shortcuts. And some will hand over the planning to a friend or a professional. This avoids months of stress and hours of hassle.


Most wedding plans start with inviting the guests. Personalized wedding invitations can be made  to your requirements. But why not browse through a large catalogue of choices that you can select from to create what you want? It’s quicker, easier, and may even provide options you didn’t think of before.


The same can be done with your hair style. By stepping back from the choices you’ve made in the past, you may be more open to some of the latest and innovative ideas from today. Use Pinterest and YouTube to explore what people are doing. Perhaps your chosen stylist has a portfolio with a style you could fall in love with?


Decorating the wedding venue isn’t always possible for a bride to do herself. You may have input about color schemes and floral displays, but you’ll be busy getting dressed on the morning of your wedding. Someone else will have to finalize the decor. You might choose a trusted friend, or you may agree on a theme with the venue manager. Sometimes, we have to put some faith into other people to deliver.

Weddings are so personal for the bride. We all want our own wedding to be absolutely perfect. This means designing it to our tastes and preferences. But sometimes the hassle and stress that brings just aren't worth it. Could you let someone else design your wedding?


Greek U & Her Campus | A Resource for the Modern Collegian

I remember when I was attending undergrad at Howard University (Bison YOU KNOW)....  I was thousands of miles away from home, in a new city with a future ahead of building new relationships and on the journey of the beginning stages of starting my career. 

To be honest, I was not frightened at all, very excited to start this new venture in my life at one of the most prestigious HBCU's in the nation and to soon be able to call myself an alum and walk in the footsteps of greatness.  I loved my undergrad (wouldn't change it for anything in the world) because it opened soooo many doors for me and taught me how to be independent, hardworking and resilient. I was involved heavily in my academic studies, a member of the marching band, year book committee and a member of Sigma Alpha Iota, International Music Fraternity for women.

   with my sorority sisters singing around our tree <3 @}--

with my sorority sisters singing around our tree <3 @}--

Being apart of different organizations and pledging definitely opened lots of doors for me. I gained a host of new and amazing people in my life and became apart of something greater than myself. Besides the civic duty that we did as a fraternity, one thing I definitely loves was walking across campus in my paraphernalia. There were so much cute Greek gear that you could get for events that it became my secret obsession. 

Greek U is an online resource that provides custom Greek apparel and accessories for sororities and fraternities for an affordable price. The company was founded at Univ. of California- Santa Barbara by a fellow fraternity member, so the company takes pride in creating products that are relatable to today's modern Greek member.



While there were resources on campus for students transitioning into college and resources for internships, like many other institutions.... there was not enough.

For TODAY'S modern college woman (because I graduated almost 10 years ago...) there are a plethora of online resources to help with transitioning from grade school to university life as well as giving you tools and tips to build confidence and more. Her Campus is an online resource for collegiate women that has a sole goal of empowering women through providing beauty, health, entertainment, DIY, and lifestyle content as well as providing many resources that the young college woman will definitely need.

Some of the resources provided include....

Her Campus was founded by 3 (then) Harvard undergraduate women and has since grown into a platform that not only gives back to other undergraduate women through their 10,000+ contributors (content written FOR YOU by women like YOU), but also has 350 campus chapters nationwide in ten countries. And for those of you looking to branch out into the world of journalism, media or fashion, the company prides itself on being a career launching point where members have been offered jobs and internships from some of the top magazines and newspapers in the world.

I wish there was a resource like this back when I was in undergrad, but I am happy to know that for women (and men) in college today, there are so many resources available. 

Make sure you check out Her Campus today!


Finding The Right Car with

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Finding the right car can be challenging. Especially when there are so many dealerships (certified and off brand or well known and private owned), going with someone you can trust is like finding the perfect mate.... IT TAKES TIME.  Well to help ease the process for you, your fairy God (father) mother is here to help the process a smooth ride. is a well respected online service helping buyers and owners of cars navigate car ownership. The site helps to connect consumers with honest local dealers across the country by providing a wealth of information giving you all the tools you need to make informed decisions and have confidence when buying your next vehicle. You will find extensive reviews from consumers just like you, and the best part is nothing is sugar coated. They give it to you real and honest. You can also find how-to videos if you are a fixer upper and are very handy with tools, and great pricing and deals on vehicles. Most importantly since is a well respected leader in the industry, most dealerships are willing to price match.


If you are in the market for a reliable and affordable vehicle, make sure you head to

 helps shoppers buy, sell and service their vehicles.

How You Can Support Positivity

Do you sometimes have the feeling that, when you open the curtains to look outside in the morning, the world is still gray and sad? On TV, the news is depressively bad, and even at the office, the mood seems quite low. It’s often a race against the deadline and the boss’s temper! In other words, do you find your word too negative? For most people, the Grayness of the outside world can fade gradually until they stop noticing it. But not you. You continue to notice all the things that aren’t quite right around you. Why not decide to take the matter into your own hands and dedicate your energy to building a positive world? Positivity is a strength that everybody needs in their life, so that could certainly make a great deal of difference. But, you object, how am I going to build positivity on top of my job? Well, that’s easy. You could pick a career path that creates a positive outcome.

Why do we need more positivity?

Life seems to be surrounded by negativity. Pessimism is flooding the world, and worst of all is that we’re all responsible for it. The brain is designed to project potential threats and danger so that we can be warned before anything happens. That’s why, for example, anybody in their right mind stays away from running across a busy motorway. We instinctively know that it could be dangerous. That’s the role of the brain to think of negative outcomes and alert us. But this means that more and more people are brainwashed by negativity. You should adopt a positive attitude in life because it will provide you with a helpful guidance. It won’t stop your brain from seeing potential dangers, but it will also train it to see potential goodness around. Too much negativity can make you sick: Depression, isolation, and stress are tightly connected to an increase of negativity. It’s therefore important to build a positive defense to step away from negative influences gradually.

At a personal level

Start by bringing a positive force into your life. Your outlook on life can be affected by your thinking, either positive or negative. However, it may be a little too easy to suggest that all it takes is some positive thinking to improve your life. It doesn’t. What it takes to make your life better is positive changes. If you want to get rid of the negativity that surrounds you, then you need to fix the areas that attract and encourage negative thinking. For instance, if you’ve got a friend who keeps putting you down, let them know how it affects you. Or remove them from your friendship circle. It might sound a little harsh, but in the end, it’s about creating positivity in your life. In the end, building a career that generates positive outcomes means that you need to support it with a life filled with positivity. And that starts by sorting out everything that doesn’t work for you. Improve your health, your lifestyle, and reduce your stress levels. Only then can you make a positive impact on other people’s lives.

With others

A positive job is great. But working on your positivity generation is even better. In other words, you can continue your journey by changing your behavior towards others. Being nice is a difficult art that needs to feel natural. But more importantly, being nice genuinely improves the quality of life, for those who receive your kindness but for yourself too. At a professional level, being nice to people means that you are more easily trusted, and you can build strong and successful interactions with others.

Addressing the need via a health job

Embracing a health career is one of the most obvious ways to bring positivity into other people’s lives. It’s well-known that nurses and doctors are perceived as selfless individuals, as their interest is your health. But the greatest example of selflessness in almost living memory comes probably from the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University, when in 1911 six Sisters from France crosses the ocean to answer a healthcare call in Louisiana. They started this health system in the state to support their patients and deliver better care. Additionally, they’ve also started a school to spread their message of care and peace to new students. Today the university and the health system still exist, proof that a good deed can go a long way.

Addressing the need in education

Positivity is a skill that can make a difference in the way young people build their future. For instance, teachers and parents are responsible for helping children to discover their passions. Steve Reifman uses the Passion survey with his students to provide the encouragement they need to grow their skills and support their passions. His goal is simple: He wants kids to receive the motivation and the enthusiasm they need to learn and grow positively.

Addressing the need in the arts

There is no denying that the arts can have a significant impact on the well-being of communities. But they can also contribute to the healthy development of individuals by giving them a platform for creative learning, exchange, activism, and interactions. Using only the power of the arts, peaceful movements can be established throughout the world. Creative individuals carry the beacon of positivity in their creations, via activities with children, or exhibitions.

Addressing the need in everyday life

How about embracing the possibility of volunteering to make a direct change in the quality of life of those around you? VolunteerMatch is dedicated to bringing good and willing people with good cause together all across the world. Whether you want to become an active advocate of the human rights,or a protector of the animal cause and your job can’t help you to support these, you can find what you need on their website to create positivity around you. But more than just helping, you can also learn new skills to change your career path for good.


Positivity is not an impossible dream. It’s a force that you can create for you and others through your behavior, career choices and your volunteer activities. It’s never too late to bring a smile tosomeone’s face!


Careers Offering Great Progression & Development

A big part of finding happiness in life is finding the right career path to go down. A lot of people have false starts in which they start a career, realize it’s going nowhere, and switch to a different one. They could do this a few times before they finally find their rightful place.

The reason people have these false starts is normally because the career they’re in offers zero progression. They get to a point where they can’t move forward, and it doesn’t satisfy them.

Keeping that in mind, it’s important that you find a career where the opposite is true. Instead of keeping you in the same place, your career should offer you the chance to progress forward and develop as a person. In today's post, you will find four careers that can offer exactly that:


Working in sales will always offer you the chance of moving forward and furthering your career. The great thing about being a sales executive is that it doesn't require any degrees or specific educational qualifications. All you need is the ability to sell things to anyone, anywhere. People start off in very low-rank sales positions where they might deal with low-level clients that aren’t very important. But, as you make more and more sales, you can progress forward and see promotion after promotion until you’re an experienced sales manager leading a team of people and handling high-profile clients. Progression is always there, and it’s the natural path to follow in sales. If you’re good at what you do, you won’t stay at the bottom for long.


As a career, nursing offers a great deal of progression and development for you. It also happens to be an incredibly rewarding career that requires a lot of work and commitment. There are plenty of degrees available for you to pursue, from BSN to MSN programs, if you want to kick start your nursing career. At the base level, you can take a bachelor of science in nursing to get your feet off the ground and find an entry level nursing job. This then gives you the opportunity to work your way up to higher positions through merit. Alternatively, it gives you the option to pursue a master of science in nursing to further your career and be qualified for higher up positions in management. The career ladder here is very tall, you can start your way at the bottom and work your way up through the years. During which, you can develop your skills, which is also a bonus.


Management is a big part of every company and organization throughout the world. People are required to manage others and oversee how everything runs. If you’ve been on this blog before then, you’ll notice a previous article I spoke about getting ahead in management. You may want to give it a read if you’re serious about pursuing a career like this. While some people may think there’s no profession in management, they’re wrong. It may seem like the manager is the boss, but there are almost always people above them. You’ve got junior managers, senior managers, office managers, etc. There’s always someone on top of someone else, making sure they’re doing everything right. Of course, once you get into an entry level management job, the window of opportunity is there. By showing your worth and being committed to a role, you can open that window to opportunities higher up the ladder.

Web Development

In a world dominated by technology, getting involved in web development can be a clever career move. You will find courses and degrees that teach you how to hone your web development skills and come out with a qualification. However, much like sales, it’s your talent that shines through the most. You don’t need to have a degree if you’re wildly talented, but it might help make you look even better. With this career, you start off as a junior web developer lending a helping hand in various projects. You could work for a team that’s tasked with developing sites, and your job is to simply handle a small part of each project. Then, as you gain more experience and get better at your craft, the opportunities open for you to move up the ladder. You can fight your way to the top and become a lead web developer that’s now in charge of all the projects and dictates what everyone should do.

All four of these careers are remarkably different from one another. However, they all share one common idea; they let you move forward and advance your career, which means you’ll never be left static in a job that doesn’t reward your work ethic.


How To Get Ahead In Management

I know that I normally don't make these kinds of posts, however, I feel as though since I am in my doctoral Clinical Psychology program (and will eventually start my own practice) as well as owning a fitness and nutrition business, I felt as though some of you could benefit from this post. Whether you are looking to start your own business or grow within your current company, hopefully these tips will prove helpful to you.

More and more women are making career moves into leadership and management positions. And there are plenty of lovely ladies out there that have proven themselves to be successful entrepreneurs. If you’re ready to join the ranks of inspiring women, then it’s time to set a few goals, make a few changes, and go for it!

Looking Like You Belong

It’s difficult for young women to feel like they belong among the ranks of management. Should you dress for the job, or try to stay authentically you? There is a lot to be said for a carefully selected wardrobe. You don’t have to go for a power-suit though! Instead, dress as the confident, attractive and stylish woman you are. Wear the makeup and hairstyle you are comfortable with. Don’t forget - your posture and eye contact are the things other managers will notice the most.

Feeling Like You Belong

A lack of confidence will do you no good in a boardroom. If you feel you don’t deserve to be there, then that will come through. Chances are you’ll soon talk yourself out of the role altogether. Boost your confidence with a couple of online management courses. When you realize you already know most of the content and your skills are reaffirmed, you can march back in the room with your head held high. Of course, an extra formal qualification will make your bosses pay more attention too.

Making Waves

You’re a young, confident business woman and you are full of great ideas. Don’t be afraid to share them! It’s really important that you develop them fully first if you want stakeholders to buy into them though. Start by preparing a research pack to back up your claims. Summarize this data on a single page or powerpoint slide. Make sure your presentation is short, concise, and answers the questions you think you would be asked. Rehearse! Now make an appointment, call a meeting, and get your ideas out there.

Your Subordinates

Managing others is probably a big part of your job. Make sure they are happy and healthy in their role by regularly reviewing their position. Identify the staffing problems common to the business, and try to find appropriate solutions. If a better benefits package improves retention and attracts more talent, then start looking into vision insurance quotes and health insurance opportunities. Would extra training or a pay review help improve morale? Ask a few questions, compile your research, and propose the solution.

Your Future

You won’t be in this role forever. What you do here will dictate just how far you go in the future. It’s worth keeping a portfolio of all the projects you’re working on. Detail how you contributed and what the overall impact on the business was. In just a couple of years, this role will be second nature to you. You’ll know everything there is to know about doing the job, and you may be ready for the next challenges. How can you be sure you’ll be able to take on a next-level job? Make the most of now, and prepare for a successful career.


How To Approach the Subject of Addiction with a Loved One

Have you noticed the tell-tale signs that someone is suffering from an addiction? Perhaps you have picked up on subtle yet worrying habits? Is a friend or family member being evasive? Other signs of a secret problem include frequent lies, major changes in energy levels, a loss of interest in the things they used to love, a change in appearance, memory loss, and stealing. If you have noticed any of these signs and you believe that someone you love is suffering from an addiction, it is important to get them the help they need. However, this is a lot easier said than done. Merely bringing up the subject is difficult, as you don’t want the person to react in a bad way. Plus, there is always the worry that you have got it wrong. So, how do you approach the subject of addiction with a loved one?

  • Get the timing right - One of the most important things when talking about any type of serious matter is getting the timing right. You could arrange a day out with the person so that you get to spend some quality time together, and then bring the subject up towards the end of the day. Don’t dive right in, as they will assume that is the only reason you invited them in the first place. It is also important to make sure the person is as clear-headed as possible. Otherwise, you run the risk of them becoming defensive and angry, plus it is likely that they may not even remember the conversation.

  • Ease into the conversation - You need to approach a conversation like this gently. You can ask your friend or family member what they have been up to lately or what plans they have for the coming weekend. This enables you to set up the conversation.

  • Be careful with your suggestions - Don’t tell the person what they need to do; no one wants to be made to feel like a child. You need to leave the ball in their court, or at least make it feel like you are. For example, you could tell them that you know a clinic with really good suboxone doctors and leave them the details for it. This approach - that you are not judging them but you care about their health and well-being - will typically be better received. The person is likely to be in pain, both physically and emotionally, so this is something they may really think about. Once you feel the person is ready to address their issues, you can then suggest that they join a support group that is tailored to their specific addiction.

  • Avoid accusatory language - You need to tread very carefully when it comes to the language you use. If you are someone that doesn’t tend to think before they speak, give yourself a moment before you say anything. If you accuse the person of having a problem or you belittle them, they are only going to end up getting defensive. Don’t say things like “you have been really angry lately” or “you have missed a lot of work.” It will only make them feel small.

  • Set boundaries - It is really important to set boundaries, not only for your own protection, but also to let your loved one know that their addiction is impacting the relationship you have. For example, if you have children, you can tell the person that you love them very much, but you can’t have them around your kids while this addiction is on-going. After all, we all want to set good examples for our children, and you need to protect them first and foremost.

  • Don’t press the issue - It can be very frustrating is someone says they don’t have a problem, and you know that they do. However, if you keep hammering it home, they are only going to get more and more defensive. You have said what you needed to say, let it settle in, and then see what happens. It could be that the person goes home and reflects on the conversation and then comes back to you for help. If not, you will need to try and broad the subject again at a later date.


All in all, there is no denying that the subject of addiction is one of the most difficult ones to talk about with someone you love. However, if you suspect that someone is suffering from any type of addiction, it is important that they get the help they need. Use the tips mentioned above, and hopefully, you will be able to have a fruitful conversation with the person you care about and this will be the start of their recovery.