My Guide To Throwing A Chic House Party!

Throwing a house party might conjure up images in your head of rowdy teenagers and people throwing up in your sink or those good old college days of people alcohol wasted and ending up at Waffle House wild and out of control. That might be the old days, but we are grown now and we can definitely still throw house parties and have a good time....just not with the theatrics lol. 

Here are some tips for throwing a chic house party:


Make an Effort with the Decor

If you want to make it clear that this isn’t just any old house party, you need to make an effort with the decor. Make sure you decorate in a way that’ll set the tone for the night. You could even theme it if it’s a special occasion such as a pregnancy or birthday. There are plenty of things you can use to decorate, so make sure you plan in advance. Make a few Pinterest boards to help you if you like. 


Stock Up on Great Drinks

If you want a chic house party, it only makes sense to have on par drinks. You shouldn’t have a keg at the door! Having things like Crown Royal xo available to your guests will let them know what's up. You could suggest they bring a bottle to put on the table as they arrive too, which will save you money on alcohol and make sure there’s plenty to go around. 


Serve Finger Food

Finger food will soak up any alcohol, stopping your guests from (hopefully) getting too intoxicated and throwing up. You don’t even have to make this stuff yourself if you want to make it easier on you. You can find plenty of ideas out there depending on who’s coming and what the occasion is. 

Invite Respectable People

It goes without saying that to throw a chic house party, you need to invite respectable people. If you have friends that tend to take it a little too far when alcohol is involved, you don’t have to invite them. If you feel bad, invite them but warn them that they need to be on their best behavior. Make sure you’re familiar with the people you invite. You don’t want to end up with any nasty surprises


Create a Playlist to Suit the Atmosphere You’d Like

Make a playlist beforehand to suit the atmosphere you’d like to create. The playlist should be long enough to last throughout the night. 


Make Sure Everybody Has a Ride Home Beforehand

If you’re worried about people crashing out on your sofa, make sure everybody has a ride home beforehand. You can book taxis or call uber to arrive when the party is over if you want to be prepared. 


Use these tips if you want to throw a chic house party that your guests will love and have a wonderful time!