VIVA ITALIA: Creamy Parm Basil Chicken & Stuffed Peppers Recipes w/ Filippo Berio Olive Oil

I absolutely LOVE Italian food... Bring on the CARBS! Italian Food is always a huge crowd pleaser. Whether you’re feeding your hungry family or hosting a household of friends, everybody loves the taste of al dente pasta, a rich sauce or a delicious pizza. 

I've partnered with Filippo Berio Olive Oil to bring you this delicious Italian meal and I am going to show you how you can make this at home!


And the finished result looks a little something like this..... 


The Filippo Berio Robusto Olive Oil really complimented this dish. It is bold, full-bodied and gave off fruity and intense flavor when I tried it. It paired very well with the heavier ingredients in the dish but did not over power the individual flavors which was a plus. 

Head over to your local grocery store and pick up a bottle today.


Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Filippo Berio via Influenster, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own!


Home Decor Style with Kleenex

I recently just moved into my new place and I'm so excited to start decorating and even more excited about the new Kleenex Style designs!


Kleenex has redesigned the way you view tissue by creating new and stylish designs! I love the way that I can coordinate the tissues to match the different decor in my apartment and that also is a handy way to grab one when you need it most!


I LOVE color and these tissue packs definitely go with my wall decor!


They are also very trendy on the go as well :-)


I can't wait to finish decorating my new place! More pics will be coming soon :-)


Have you seen all the new patterns and amazing color choices? Make sure you check them out here! Also take the Kleenex Style Quiz here to see if you can tell the difference between runway fashion and the new Kleenex designs (I couldn't, can you)?

This is  Kleenex' 90th anniversary, YAY.... and with the new and stylish designs, they want you to test your fashion sense for a chance to win a trip to NYC and a $5,000 shopping spree!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Kleenex via Linqia, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own!

My Eartha Kitt "" Prepaid Debit Card

DISCLOSURE: I wrote this review as a part of a Blog Friendly PR outreach campaign for, I was compensated for me time but all opinions are my own.” offers stylish alternatives to boring old bank and debit cards by offering hundreds of design options. I chose the Eartha Kitt design because she is one of my favorite performers and it was the one that fit my personality the most! Every time I would use it at a store, I always got the "OMG where did you get that card from?" question and it made me feel like my card was unique and exclusive. 

Benefits of the prepaid debit card...

  • Free to order, activate and load. No credit check.
  • Free app and check deposits from your smartphone.
  • Free direct deposit.
  • Free card-to-card transfers, any time, anywhere, in seconds.
  • No overdraft fees -- never goes negative!
  • Safer than cash - 24/7 support, Visa fraud protection and 100% FDIC insurance on funds.
  • Thousands of cool, unique card designs to choose from, including brands like: Garfield, Popeye, Betty Paige, James Dean, Care Bears, Walking Dead, Star Trek, Autism Awareness, Breast Cancer Research, Shark Week, Where's Waldo, Doodle Jump, Three Stooges, Nancy Drew, etc.

The card is free for 30 days - then $5.95 monthly fee, which is waived when you direct deposit over $800 in the previous 30 days. This fee is the same as the Walmart prepaid card and much less than many of the competitors. It's also much less than overdrafting your bank account, paying for a checking account or using a credit card.

To find out how you can get your own card, click here!  

Graco Little Lounger Event Recap + Review

Happy Monday! 

This past week, I attended the Graco "Little-Lounger" Influencer event which was to celebrate the launch of the new product. On last Thursday, Krystyn of ReallyAreYouSerious held the event at her home in the Atlanta area, where we got to learn more about the lounger and find out different ways that it can be used for the little ones. 

Little Lounger™ is two products in one: a rocking seat and a vibrating lounger. In rocking seat mode, calm baby with the gentle back and forth motion of the rocking seat. Then, flip down the Rock Locks™ and the seat becomes a vibrating lounger with 2-speed vibration. The ingenious seat has multiple recline positions, so that it's easy to find just the right position for baby's comfort. When you're not using it, Little Lounger folds compactly to store or travel, and a cute toy bar will keep baby occupied. 

Key Features:

2-in-1: Rocking Seat + Vibrating Lounger

Rock Locks™ transform the rocker  into a stationary vibrating lounger

Multi-position recline makes it easy to keep baby comfortable

Toy bar with two soft toys keeps baby entertained

3-point harness keeps baby secure 

Krystyn showing us how the lounger is easy to store with the vertical fold up feature.


What I really loved about the lounger was that it was very lightweight and folds up so that it is easy to store. I also love the vibration feature (my nieces and nephews LOVE that), which makes it easy for babies to fall asleep or be content in the lounger (especially the fussy ones). 

Graco's "easy-to-fold"  & "vibrate" features

Each blogger attendee also received a little lounger of our own and although I have no kids as of now, who knows what may happen next year ;-) We also had a fun and interactive Yoga session which included a free yoga class that we were welcomed to. 

The price point is $79.99 which is an amazing low cost for all of the features and comfort that it provides for baby.

The Graco Little Lounger™ is currently available at the following retailers:

Exclusively available at Babies R Us in the Caraway fashion 

Exclusively available at Target in the Dakota and Elm fashions 

Exclusively available at Buybuy Baby in the Astoria fashion 

General line and specialty in the Ardmore fashion

DISCLAIMER:  This post was sponsored by Graco™ via RM Media. I am compensated for writing this post, but thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Woolzies Dryer Balls Review

Woolzies are handmade wool dryer balls that soften your laundry naturally without any of the chemicals found in conventional fabric softeners. Woolzies save time and energy by cutting drying time by an average of 25% per load and they also help reduce static and wrinkles. Woolzies are also hypo-allergenic and safe for people with wool sensitivities as they will not shed onto your laundry.... THANK GOD! They also last for 1,000 loads and are very eco-friendly.

Since I have been using the dryer balls, my clothes (especially my shirts) are not static and instead of drying for 50 minutes to an 1 hour, my dryer time is reduced to about 30-40 minutes! What I don't like is the fact that the balls are so loud because most of the time, I forget that I have clothes drying and then I hear loud thumps.

All in all, I would definitely recommend Woolzies to anyone looking for a safe and alternative way to dry your clothes and save money and time!

To find out more about Woolzies, check out their website....

Disclosure: I received this product from Soft by Nature, Inc. in exchange for an honest review. I received no monetary compensation and all opinions expressed are my own, and were in no way influenced by the brand or any other sources.

Fizzion Clean Review + Giveaway


Bentley came to spend the weekend with me, and in all his CUTENESS he threw up on my carpet! Why you ask.... because SOMEONE decided to drop a french fry on the floor and he accidentally ate it. Needless to say he wasn't feeling that!

To the rescue is FIZZION Pet Stain & Odor Remover! Fizzion is a concentrated cleaner that works instantly to spot-treat pet mess on carpets and most hard surfaces. Fizzion is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly solution that instantly goes to the root of the stain and the odor, and forms a shield around the stain and while it works on it, it immediately reduces odors. 

As you can see, the Fizzion Cleaner worked great! It will definitely be used again if Bentley has another accident (minus the French Fry lol)!

The Fizzion crew has also been nice enough to give all of my viewers a 50% discount on products! Enter coupon code "KASHONNAFILES" when checking out at

Also.... Make sure you enter the giveaway for a chance to win your own bottle of the Fizzion Pet Stain & Odor remover below! 

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Fizzion but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Disclaimer: This giveaway is sponsored by Fizzion and they are responsible for prize fulfillment.

6 seconds could win you $6,000 from Wendy's!!

Tell Wendy’s what you think about their flatbreads in a Vine or Instagram video and then send it to @Wendys (through twitter, Instagram or Vine) with the #6SecondsFlat tag and my custom hastag #TheKSF6 .

Each week of September, one lucky winner will be randomly selected to receive a $6,000 prize. Who doesn't have 6-15 seconds for that!

I had a great time creating my own video and the Asiago Chicken sandwich is REALLY GOOD!! 

Visit the Wendy's 6secondsflat page to see some of the HILARIOUS videos already made and make sure you enter to win!!

Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by Wendy's® via Linqia. I am compensated for writing this post, but thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Feel Good Wednesdays with Zephyrhills® Brand Sparkling Natural Spring Water


Although we've made it half way through the work week, it still seems like theres so much to do before the weekend is here! From meeting those Friday deadlines and reports at work, to school and weekday "at home commitments" (while still trying to maintain a socially active lifestyle); a 5 minute break or "pick me up" sounds REAL GOOD doesn't it?

One way to take a break is to enjoy Zephyrhills® Brand Sparkling Natural Spring Water!  It’s comprised of three natural ingredients (spring water, natural fruit essence, and bubbles) with no sugar or calories, which makes it a great alternative to soda. 

Have you tried the delicious flavors of Zephyrhills® Brand Sparkling Natural Spring Water? The flavors include:
-    Lemon Essence
-    Lime Essence
-    Mandarin Orange Essence
-    Raspberry-Lime Essence


My schedule gets so hectic sometimes, from running my business, teaching dance, attending media events, blogging, etc, etc, etc........................................................ that time ALWAYS seems to fly by and I get so overwhelmed. So, I've been working on that by making sure that I take a break and enjoy some of the things I love to do that makes me feel good.

My Top Ten #FeelGoodWednesdays List 

1. Make funny faces while stuck in traffic!


2. Bubble Gum BuBbLeS!! 

3. Reading a GOOD book!!

4. Doing my nails

5. Dancing! 


6. Cooking DELICIOUS food!! 

7. Posing for the camera (now FLICK, FLICK!) 

8. Chilling at the pool listening to music

9. Stopping and smelling the flowers :-) 

10. Volunteering my time to feed the homeless w/ friends! 

Every Wednesday, you can check out Zephyrhills® Brands Sparkling Natural Spring Water's Facebook page to share your ideas or find ways on how you can feel good and escape the midweek hump. Also make sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter for a new Wednesday #FeelGoodMoment to tackle the midweek #HumpDay

Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by Zephyrhills® Brands Sparkling Natural Spring Waters via Linqia. I am compensated for writing this post, but thoughts and opinions are my own.