Ways To Show Your Friends They're Appreciated


You may remember I did an article on relationship goals a little while ago. While I hope you all enjoyed it, it led me on to thinking about how little we can see our circle of friends sometimes. Obviously it’s great to be in a relationship that makes you happy, but sometimes you might feel you’ve been neglecting some of your good mates for it. It may be time to blow away the cobwebs, and remind those certain special people that they’re appreciated. Here, I’ve put together a few ideas to bring a smile to your friends’ faces.

It’s very common to feel like you’ve drifted apart from a friend you used to spend all your time with. As we grow up, work, relationships and new friends all keep us busy. But a day out with them a little outside your usual experience could be just the trick to rekindle the friendship. If you really want to pull the stops out, try something adrenaline-filled like paintballing or abseiling. These kinds of activities make for hours of fun and give you something you’ll reminisce and laugh about. The experience is even better if you’re both terrible at the activity! If that’s not your thing, there’s always museums, meals out, or even a simple walk while you catch up with each other.

No one likes ending a friendship on a down note, but we all make mistakes here and there. You’ll agree that a stupid little argument is no reason to completely cut a good friend out of your life! If you feel you’ve made a mistake, and want to rekindle your friendship through a kind gesture, there are all sorts of things you can do. Most people go with a gift, and if you’re good enough with your hands you may be able to make a really personal one that will really show you care. Of course, we can’t all be crafty goddesses, but luckily there are many fantastic gift sites out there like www.whositfor.co.uk.

As time goes on, we figure out who our real friends are. You might be focussing on a certain someone, but there are many things you can do to reunite an entire group, usually without spending much money. You may want to organize a picnic, and get everyone to prepare and bring one dish (proceed with caution if some in your group are really competitive!) Or, if the weather doesn’t permit that, no one can argue with a nice glass of wine and movies night. But the possibilities here are endless; check out the article on www.enkivillage.com for some more pointers.


As always, I hope my little ramble has given you some good ideas. There are all kinds of methods you could use to rekindle and strengthen your friendships, so why wait? I know how long some people can go without contact, and obviously it may feel a little strange at first. After a good laugh to break the tension, you’ll be absolutely astounded by how naturally things return to normal!