Taking A Relationship Slow Is When It's Serious

So many men and women want to rush into a relationship because they’re looking for security. In the modern day, even a 1 or 2-year relationship is still young and fresh. Several decades ago that’s all that was needed before marriage was put on the table. Not so now, because people live longer, we earn more money, we know what we want in life in terms of a career and life fulfillment, travelling etc. So things are now on the flip side, where relationships that take their time are the serious ones and those that only wait a couple of years before marriage and children are not. It's the polar opposite of every decade in the run-up to 2010. If you are still following the ABCs of relationships from way back when, you’re needlessly putting pressure on your partner. And in all honesty, it's our insecurities that make us want to push and push until we get an answer we like from them.

Taking it slow and letting things fall into place is much better.

Don’t have “the talk”

Both men and women do things in relationships that cause them to falter and eventually become unworkable. If your partner is not giving signs that they want the relationship to end, then don’t push them into a corner. If they aren’t cold toward you and showing less and less interest in your life, then why would you have ‘the talk’ with them? Far too often, we can feel like the relationship isn’t going anywhere, but if it's not going backwards it's always moving forwards. You can’t tie a man or woman down against their will, only when they are ready will they voluntarily want to take it to the next step. Marriage and having children is no walk in the park, and asking someone who you can one day see having both of those things with, “where is this going?” is only going to push them away. Commitment cannot be forced on someone, it has to be voluntarily given.

Signs of maturing

Most of the time, every couple wants their relationship to mature. This means both of you sort out the issues and challenges in your own lives before moving forward. This could mean figuring out what kind of career you want. It could mean paying off all your debt and becoming financially free. It could also mean your own emotional baggage. When these things have been taken care of, then we can move forward or at least show real signs that the relationship is maturing. But physical signs are often the most powerful, which is why promise rings are becoming more and more popular. They’re not quite an engagement ring, but it's a sign that you are on that path to eventually being proposed to and becoming a wife or husband. They come in both sexes as it's tradition to give each other the ring. Take it slow, and allow your relationship to mature naturally.

We all want to have some kind of security in our lives and sharing it with someone we love is even more desired. Just be careful to not push your partner into deciding to marry or have kids when they haven’t brought up the conversation themselves.


Girl Talk: Accepting Love Before Marriage

DISCLAIMER: So let me say before we start, that I am NO expert on marriage, etc. I do however how many girlfriends who have been in and out of relationships or married and divorced and you know how us woman can be when it's girls night and the wine starts pouring. This is to offer you some info from someone who has been in and out of love before. 

If you’ve been married before, I'm pretty sure the pain of such a breakup can stay with you for a very long time. Even as you move on to new relationships and new loves, the baggage that comes from past marriages can be pretty tough to shake at first. If you know you’re with someone now that could be that forever, you need to make moves now to put your past behind you.

Some marriages fail. In fact, a lot of marriages fail. But as we get older and form new relationships, we become wiser to what didn’t work. These past experiences are important to help us avoid making mistakes in the future. That doesn’t mean you should keep revisiting past relationships. Single life is indeed simpler, but it can be lonely. If you’re in a new relationship now, it’s time to move on. Look ahead to the future.

Your new partner may be shopping at Tacori for your engagement ring, while you’re still looking back at your former marriage. It’s important you let go of the past and treat this new relationship as a completely different entity. Your new partner is a completely different person and so are you. You’ve grown, you’ve evolved, you’ve experienced new things, and learned from every one of them. This relationship has very different ingredients than the last one.

If marriage for the second time is on the cards, don’t shy away from it. Instead, embrace the commitment your partner is willing to make to you. If you love your partner, then why deprive yourself of that? Accepting new love in your life may feel like you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to hurt again. But there’s no sign that will happen, is there?

Speak to a life coach, a counselor , or a friend about your fears. Sometimes when we haven’t fully let go of past relationships, it is because we haven’t truly explored those feelings it left us with. But speak as a way to move on, not look back. There’s no need to assign blame or identify causes of your feelings. Just acknowledging them and overcoming them could be all you need to let go of the past for good.

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If you don’t trust your new partner not to hurt you, then don’t proceed with the relationship. True love encompasses trust, respect, acceptance and nurturing of each other. If you feel you can offer that to your partner, then it could be time to say yes to that stunning engagement ring! Accepting love means accepting that person and everything they may be. Trust the love your partner has for you.

Relationships are never easy, but the best relationships aren’t hard either. Past marriages that may have produced children can bring difficulty and complication into the mix. How you both manage that and accept it will speak volumes about your suitability for each other. Kids can find it tough to accept new partners. But if your new relationship is strong and you are happy, your children will find it much easier to be accepting of it. 

Celebrate your love and commitment for each other.


Choosing Your Own Engagement Ring???

Photo Source:   Tela Chhe

Photo Source: Tela Chhe

We all dream of meeting ‘The One’, falling in love, getting engaged, and living happily ever after. For every gal, getting engaged is one of life’s most important events. But what happens when it doesn’t go how you expected?

Today, we live in a world where traditions aren’t always followed - this can be both good and bad. Traditionally, before proposing, the man would choose a ring to give to his fiance. Nowadays, however, that isn’t always the case. Often, men make the decision to go ring shopping as a couple, after proposing.

While this may take a little of the romance away from the proposal, the massive bonus, of course, is that you get to choose your own ring. Men rarely get it right when it comes to picking jewelry, so having the opportunity to pick your own ring is amazing. Your ring is something you will wear every day for the rest of your life, so picking the perfect one is a must.

To make it easier to find the most incredible ring design, here are four things you should know:

1. Have fun
Choosing an engagement ring might be a little stressful - there’s a lot of pressure to get it right, but make sure to have fun. You have the luxury of ring shopping with your future husband - to make the experience more memorable, have a laugh.

Try on different rings - even some ugly ones. Have a laugh together, and you’ll make the whole experience less stressful and more enjoyable. Picking out a ring should be something that you remember for years to come, so make it special by having a laugh.

2. Be excited
You may have mixed feelings about picking out your own ring, but you should be pleased that your future husband wants you to choose. He clearly wants to ensure that your ring is perfect, which is why he’s asked you to choose for yourself. Isn't he considerate?

One in three brides choose their own engagement ring. So don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’re the only one. Be excited to pick your own ring - your fiance loves you so much that he’s doing everything he can to ensure the ring is right.

3. Include him when you ring shop
Don’t make the mistake of inviting the girls along ring shopping with you. Picking your engagement ring should be something you do with your partner. Plan a day to shop; visit your favorite jewelry store and take your time picking out the perfect design.

When you ring shop, as well as thinking about the engagement ring, don’t forget to think about your wedding rings. Your engagement ring should match your wedding band in some way or another. So it’s important to think about this when picking out the perfect design.

4. Choose a unique design
While you might not mind wearing the same clothes as your friends, let’s be honest about it, you don’t want to end up with the same engagement ring. When it comes to picking a design, choose something that is unique.

Take your personal style into account, and choose a ring that reflects that. You’ll find that by selecting a unique ring, you’ll love it even more.

When it comes to choosing your engagement ring, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. However, by taking note of the tips above, you can make it easier, and more fun.