4 Ways To Stop Self-Sabotage in 2019

You can fail at absolutely anything in life. It’s a hard, but very real truth. You can try and try to do something you want to do, and you can fail it. This may sound like a way to get really depressed really quickly; why bother trying if you can fail? Well, you can spend your entire life worrying about the worst, but all that really matters is the choices you make right now. You can imagine an encyclopedia of ‘what if’ scenarios about the way that you choose to do things with your life, but until you try to do them, you won’t ever get anywhere. The things you REALLY want always seem out of reach: they’re not, but fear tells you that they are.

You can fail when you take the safe routes in life, checking all the boxes that people tell you that you should be checking. Career. Family. Savings. House. Wedding…..

All of these neat little boxes that people expect you to fill are the same boxes that fence you in. Some people rebel against the norms in a way that isn't always positive; turning to drugs or alcohol to escape from life. Self-sabotage in this way is different from living in the here now. Instead, this has a profound impact on your life in a way that isn't worth the risk. You can spend time going down the wrong path, with an outpatient drug rehab center in your future, or you can start succeeding at the things you are willing to take a risk on. Perhaps instead of the safe career your peers and parents have always guided you towards, you choose something you want to do instead. Perhaps instead of having children because society told you that you should, you choose not to.

You are very capable at undermining your own goals with self-sabotage, placing unnecessary limitations on your own abilities to live your dream. It’s time to stop doing that. Instead, you need to look at ways to stop your self-sabotage in 2019, and here are four ways to do just that:

  1. Figure out why you’re doing it. Some people head for sabotage without even noticing because they’re that used to it. You don’t have to be, though, even when it keeps you in your comfort zone. Once you realize why you’re going through the motions of sabotage, you can recognize the behaviors and stop.

  2. Practice positivity. In your mind, in your life, in your actions. Constantly talk to yourself in a positive way and you will drown out the negative inner voice telling you that you can’t do something, therefore you shouldn’t do it.

  3. Ignore others. Not literally, but ignore them as a benchmark to your own life. You do not have to compare yourself to someone else to be worthy of acceptance. You are wonderful; just as you are.

  4. Learn to look at your faults and mistakes and accept them. Being your own friend means you are going to practice kindness in the place that self-sabotage would once have been whispering in your ear. Ignore the voice and be the best friend you’ve ever had.


4 Steps To A Beautiful NEW You

Have you broken all your New Year Resolutions yet?

Chances are most of us will have ditched the resolutions by now. But you don’t have to wait till 2017 to try again and ditch all your bad habits. Now is as good a time as any to start over and makeover your life. In just a few simple steps, you can unleash a brand new life for yourself, which will improve your outlook and make you a much more positive person. Here’s how.

Kick The Habits

Modern life can be very stressful, which makes it easy for us to slip into bad habits that we think help us cope. These include things like smoking, drinking too much alcohol, and comfort eating. Even though we may gain comfort from these activities, they are no good for our health. There are certainly ways to overcome these addictions. Try to wean yourself from each vice and if things become too much for you, you can help yourself find a Fresh Start by visiting a rehab center.


Get Fit

It is never too late to get yourself in shape. Keeping fit doesn’t just involve following a nutritious and healthy diet. You also need to stay active and take part in plenty of physical activity. It is easy to start exercising if you never have before. The main thing to remember is to not to take things too fast. Take baby steps and slowly increase the intensity of your workout. There are plenty of beginner exercises newbies can start off with. Simply start walking more often and take up a hobby such as cycling or Yoga.


Learn A New Skill

Many of us will have included a new skill into our New Year Resolutions. It’s always good to learn new things. They could help you in your career as well as your personal life. There are many courses at various night schools up and down the country. The best thing about night schools is that you can fit your studies around your job. If you have the time, it might be worth returning to a full-time college course. If you are worried about fees, your employer might be willing to sponsor your learning if the new skill is beneficial to work.


Start A New Hobby

Why just stay in and watch TV or surf the internet? Get out there and begin a new hobby! You don’t even have to leave the house if you don’t want to. There are many productive things you can do from the comfort of your own sofa, such as sewing or arts and crafts. However, if you want to get out and be more social, you could join a meetup group. This will give you the chance to meet new people. There are clubs for all sorts of hobbies, like jogging and book clubs.

Even if you only go with one of these options, you’ll instantly feel the difference. Living your life to fullest potential can give you a new burst of energy!