How You Can Still Hit Your 2018 Targets

You’ve probably caught yourself uttering phrases like “I can’t believe it’s November already,” “how is this year almost over already?” or “2018 has passed so quickly”. If you haven’t said them, you’ve almost certainly heard something similar, or seen it on a social media post. Yet, it shouldn’t really be a surprise, most of us feel the same at this time every year. As we get older, time seems to pass faster and faster, and it can feel very much as though it’s getting away from us.

But, instead of worrying about how little time there is left, or how little we have done with our year, why don’t we focus on the time that we have got left? There are still around eight weeks of 2018 left. That eight weeks might seem as though it will pass in a blur of parties, decorations, and shopping, but in reality, it’s as long as any other eight weeks of the year. It’s time to plan, to assess, to get things done. Use these eight weeks to focus on all those goals that you set yourself at the start of the year, instead of feeling like you’ve failed, and you’ll find that you’ve still got plenty of time to smash them.

Write Them Down

Did you write down your targets at the start of the year? If so, find them out, if not, remind yourself of what you wanted to achieve and write them down now. If it makes you feel better, include those that you’ve already reached and place a big satisfying tick next to them. Studies show that you are much more likely to get things done and hit your goals if they are written down, so place them somewhere that you can see.

Assess How You’ve Done

Look at those things that you haven’t managed to do yet. Ask yourself three questions. How far have you got? What has stopped you reaching your goals? And what do you need to do?

Set New Targets

This is the time to be realistic. Yes, you can still hit those targets that you set at the start of the year, you’ve got plenty of time. But, are they still relevant? Our needs change over time. Some of those goals might no longer be relevant to your life or career. You might have other requirements, and you certainly shouldn’t wait until the New Year if you want to tackle outpatient treatment programs or anything important. Don’t waste your time on things that no longer matter just so that you can say you’ve reached your goals for the year.

Make Each Day Count

This time of year is often hectic. With work, shopping, decorating and planning, you might not have as much time as you’d like to focus. So, make every day count. Fit in at least a small task every day, that will help you to get to where you need to be by the end of the year. Remember, every little step, is one in the right direction.