Life's Not Always Fair (That Doesn't Mean You Have To Take It)

One of the biggest phrases that you will ever hear in life is how it’s not fair. Fairness is relative. You’re going to find life unfair when it’s not going the way that you want; it doesn't mean that it’s unfair, it just means that you have to find another way to make life satisfactory again. Being treated like a doormat? It sucks. But, I can let you in on a little secret about that: you do not have to take it.

There is no law in your life that says that when someone treats you badly, you have to put up with it and shut up. You don’t have to be the person dwelling on the B.S. that happens in your life. You don’t have to sit around waiting for it all to get better, crying “woe is me” at the moon. Well, that last point is a little dramatic, but you get what I am saying. You don’t have to put up with anything in your life that is negative or hurts your heart. So why are you doing it? Why are you taking it?

Would you put up with being hurt by a professional who did their job so badly that you ended up living with the consequences? No, you would bring in the best medical malpractice attorneys and make the case that you have been wronged. So, if you’re strong enough to do that, why wouldn’t you be strong enough to stop being treated like a doormat? Life becomes an awful lot fairer when you realize that you are the one in control. If there is someone in your life devaluing you, you need to look at yourself and remember that you are worth everything. You are worth so much more than someone pulling you down.

Of course, a part of this is going to be looking at the way that you treat others. If you go out of your way to help other people and are a good person, sometimes too good, then you are likely going to be taken advantage of because of your nature. You don’t have to be, though. If you can be strong in other areas of your life such as when an unjust action has happened, then you can be strong enough to stand up and get out of a situation that causes you pain.

You see, you have to realize it’s very black and white: do you want to keep taking it, or not? It’s that simple. Stop accepting bad things happening to you and demand something better.


How To Get Ahead In Management

I know that I normally don't make these kinds of posts, however, I feel as though since I am in my doctoral Clinical Psychology program (and will eventually start my own practice) as well as owning a fitness and nutrition business, I felt as though some of you could benefit from this post. Whether you are looking to start your own business or grow within your current company, hopefully these tips will prove helpful to you.

More and more women are making career moves into leadership and management positions. And there are plenty of lovely ladies out there that have proven themselves to be successful entrepreneurs. If you’re ready to join the ranks of inspiring women, then it’s time to set a few goals, make a few changes, and go for it!

Looking Like You Belong

It’s difficult for young women to feel like they belong among the ranks of management. Should you dress for the job, or try to stay authentically you? There is a lot to be said for a carefully selected wardrobe. You don’t have to go for a power-suit though! Instead, dress as the confident, attractive and stylish woman you are. Wear the makeup and hairstyle you are comfortable with. Don’t forget - your posture and eye contact are the things other managers will notice the most.

Feeling Like You Belong

A lack of confidence will do you no good in a boardroom. If you feel you don’t deserve to be there, then that will come through. Chances are you’ll soon talk yourself out of the role altogether. Boost your confidence with a couple of online management courses. When you realize you already know most of the content and your skills are reaffirmed, you can march back in the room with your head held high. Of course, an extra formal qualification will make your bosses pay more attention too.

Making Waves

You’re a young, confident business woman and you are full of great ideas. Don’t be afraid to share them! It’s really important that you develop them fully first if you want stakeholders to buy into them though. Start by preparing a research pack to back up your claims. Summarize this data on a single page or powerpoint slide. Make sure your presentation is short, concise, and answers the questions you think you would be asked. Rehearse! Now make an appointment, call a meeting, and get your ideas out there.

Your Subordinates

Managing others is probably a big part of your job. Make sure they are happy and healthy in their role by regularly reviewing their position. Identify the staffing problems common to the business, and try to find appropriate solutions. If a better benefits package improves retention and attracts more talent, then start looking into vision insurance quotes and health insurance opportunities. Would extra training or a pay review help improve morale? Ask a few questions, compile your research, and propose the solution.

Your Future

You won’t be in this role forever. What you do here will dictate just how far you go in the future. It’s worth keeping a portfolio of all the projects you’re working on. Detail how you contributed and what the overall impact on the business was. In just a couple of years, this role will be second nature to you. You’ll know everything there is to know about doing the job, and you may be ready for the next challenges. How can you be sure you’ll be able to take on a next-level job? Make the most of now, and prepare for a successful career.