Girl Talk: Accepting Love Before Marriage

DISCLAIMER: So let me say before we start, that I am NO expert on marriage, etc. I do however how many girlfriends who have been in and out of relationships or married and divorced and you know how us woman can be when it's girls night and the wine starts pouring. This is to offer you some info from someone who has been in and out of love before. 

If you’ve been married before, I'm pretty sure the pain of such a breakup can stay with you for a very long time. Even as you move on to new relationships and new loves, the baggage that comes from past marriages can be pretty tough to shake at first. If you know you’re with someone now that could be that forever, you need to make moves now to put your past behind you.

Some marriages fail. In fact, a lot of marriages fail. But as we get older and form new relationships, we become wiser to what didn’t work. These past experiences are important to help us avoid making mistakes in the future. That doesn’t mean you should keep revisiting past relationships. Single life is indeed simpler, but it can be lonely. If you’re in a new relationship now, it’s time to move on. Look ahead to the future.

Your new partner may be shopping at Tacori for your engagement ring, while you’re still looking back at your former marriage. It’s important you let go of the past and treat this new relationship as a completely different entity. Your new partner is a completely different person and so are you. You’ve grown, you’ve evolved, you’ve experienced new things, and learned from every one of them. This relationship has very different ingredients than the last one.

If marriage for the second time is on the cards, don’t shy away from it. Instead, embrace the commitment your partner is willing to make to you. If you love your partner, then why deprive yourself of that? Accepting new love in your life may feel like you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to hurt again. But there’s no sign that will happen, is there?

Speak to a life coach, a counselor , or a friend about your fears. Sometimes when we haven’t fully let go of past relationships, it is because we haven’t truly explored those feelings it left us with. But speak as a way to move on, not look back. There’s no need to assign blame or identify causes of your feelings. Just acknowledging them and overcoming them could be all you need to let go of the past for good.

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If you don’t trust your new partner not to hurt you, then don’t proceed with the relationship. True love encompasses trust, respect, acceptance and nurturing of each other. If you feel you can offer that to your partner, then it could be time to say yes to that stunning engagement ring! Accepting love means accepting that person and everything they may be. Trust the love your partner has for you.

Relationships are never easy, but the best relationships aren’t hard either. Past marriages that may have produced children can bring difficulty and complication into the mix. How you both manage that and accept it will speak volumes about your suitability for each other. Kids can find it tough to accept new partners. But if your new relationship is strong and you are happy, your children will find it much easier to be accepting of it. 

Celebrate your love and commitment for each other.