Wedding Planning 101

Lots of women grow up with a detailed idea of how their wedding will look. They know the design of the dress they want. The color scheme has been set in stone for years. And there is often a scrapbook full of centerpiece ideas. Of course, not all girls want a big fairytale wedding.

But would you be happy letting go of the reigns on this most important day of your life?
Tastes and desires do change as we grow up. Each season, new ideas and designs come out that may excite us and influence our decisions about style. I like to think I keep on top of some of the latest trends. Perhaps I am even a trend setter in some respects.

A wedding is a great opportunity to really flex those creative muscles. After all, we often choose our own rings, and write our own vows. There is so much to plan and organize that spending time designing every detail may actually be a little tough to do. Most brides need to find shortcuts. And some will hand over the planning to a friend or a professional. This avoids months of stress and hours of hassle.


Most wedding plans start with inviting the guests. Personalized wedding invitations can be made  to your requirements. But why not browse through a large catalogue of choices that you can select from to create what you want? It’s quicker, easier, and may even provide options you didn’t think of before.


The same can be done with your hair style. By stepping back from the choices you’ve made in the past, you may be more open to some of the latest and innovative ideas from today. Use Pinterest and YouTube to explore what people are doing. Perhaps your chosen stylist has a portfolio with a style you could fall in love with?


Decorating the wedding venue isn’t always possible for a bride to do herself. You may have input about color schemes and floral displays, but you’ll be busy getting dressed on the morning of your wedding. Someone else will have to finalize the decor. You might choose a trusted friend, or you may agree on a theme with the venue manager. Sometimes, we have to put some faith into other people to deliver.

Weddings are so personal for the bride. We all want our own wedding to be absolutely perfect. This means designing it to our tastes and preferences. But sometimes the hassle and stress that brings just aren't worth it. Could you let someone else design your wedding?