My Fall Shopping Fashion Haul

I'm not really a mall shopper and you will RARELY see me go in there to find clothes, but I went shopping with my friend to the mall and found some cute items that I wanted to add to my wardrobe for this season! Here are just a few of my favorite finds.....


BCX long sleeve sheer drape- back blouse (see similar) : $39 (original price)... I paid $13.10 


JRS Studded Sweater $34.50 (original price)... I paid $11.19

JRS Faux leather 2 toned skirt $29.50 (original price)... I paid $11.19

American Eagle woven patterned skirt $10.00 

H&M Satin Blouse (see similar) $12.95 (original price)... I paid $7

I can't wait to pair these up with other looks in my closet! 

What looks have you scored this season for a good price?