Why I Love These Fashion Ideas For 2016

There has been a lot of interesting to styles to come out of the last twelve months or so. As we’re nearing the end of 2015, I’m already thinking ahead to 2016. We’ve all seen what the catwalks are predicting for the next year, but But the street style I've been seeing lately- baby.... will give the catwalk a run for it's money. For me, I just love to people watch and check out what everyone else has to wear.


What I’ve been seeing has surprised me from time to time. There have been a lot of retro looks about this last season. The eighties revival has been revived yet again. Whether that’s to do with the hype for ‘Back To The Future’ or not, I don’t know. This time around looks a lot closer to the genuine styles of the era. The stone washed denim look has been done better for a start.

I’ve also seen a few hints of Victorian creeping into women’s blouses. The high necks and even the re-emergence of camay brooches have made this look really classy. Modest wear has been around for a little while now, but seeing the Victorian version of this make a mini-comeback has been interesting. I think it looks incredible for those of us that are quite tall and slim. I hope to see more of it next season in the colder weather.

Image: http://www.whowhatwear.com via http://carolinesmode.com/stockholmstreetstyle/

Of course, modest dresses for women are becoming more popular too, especially as our culture becomes more diverse. I love the length and graceful lines of these outfits and it’s the choice of fabric that makes these appealing to people. I’ve been looking at the range of fabrics coming out at the moment. They are more varied, and hold shape better than standard polyesters and cotton.

Image: http://inayah.co.uk/modest-islamic-clothing-fashion/2015/1/6/modest-new-arrivals

I’ve recently fallen back in love with tribal-inspired prints. The brilliance and vibrancy of the colors are what really appeals. I can’t get enough of all the shapes in the pattern either. It doesn’t matter what body shape you are. It seems the patterns are perfect for everybody. I’ve put the wild prints with muted pastels, and it worked beautifully. It’s a great way to get a future iconic look!

Image: http://www.thekashonnafiles.com/fashion/boldprintsandpastels


The beginning of next year is set to be quite exciting if the catwalks are anything to go by. I’m loving how vibrant next season’s colors are going to be. Burnt oranges are making way for plum purples and cherry reds. I hate a dull and drab winter, so I’m excited to be filling it with such bold colors. I’ve also spotted some amazing electric blues in knitwear. Perhaps that’s something for me to get hold of and layer up with later.


I’m happy to be see so many unique styles out on the streets at the moment. It’s very promising for an exciting fashion-filled 2016. What have you seen where you are? Here’s to hoping for even more incredible style breakthroughs for the New Year.