808's n Heartbreaks ft. Jah Revamped

Happy Valentine's Day.........

Yea, those (.......) are for the ones that are absolutely in LOVE with the fact of being in Love with this day.  V-day has never been something that I have been over the top about. Maybe it's my Aquarian and unpredictable ways, but I just never was the roses and candy type of chick. 

But I digress.... I want all my lovelies that are really excited to be spending time with their boo's today to truly enjoy it.... and this style post is for you <3


Jacket: Jah.Revamped | Crop Top: Forever 21 | Skirt: Jah.Revamped

Heels: Charlotte Russe | Purse: Jah.Revamped

My boo Jah is dope as hell if I must say so! She is a stylist and thrifter who has really unique and stylish pieces and we decided to team up and have her style me in some of her pieces.

I love this look right here! It's such a juxtaposition because you have so many different contrasting colors, textures and shapes (that you wouldn't normally put together) pieced together to create such a dynamic look. This outfit is definitely for the risk-taker, bold and confident fashionista.

I love how the cream in the chunky heels and the crossbody soften this look up and brings everything together. I told you guys in my previous post that I am getting back to my old self again and my fashion definitely shows my unique and creative side.

You will definitely see me wearing more of her pieces in the near future. If you want to find out more about the items she has for sale, visit her on Instagram: @jah.revamped


She is a paradox, nothing you’ve ever seen before. She’s unique with a mysterious charm. She breaks the rules so gracefully and unnoticeable, you’ll believe that’s the way it’s supposed to be.
— Cheryl K