Are You All About Labels? Find Out In 4 Ways

Everywhere you go, you will see people wearing branded or "designer" clothing. It's likely many of the clothes you wear each day are from well-known fashion brands. Have you ever wondered why people including you actually buy designer? The answers might surprise you:



When there's a choice between a well-known brand and an unknown one, most people will opt for the former. Why? The answer is simple: there is the perception that the garments are better quality! One of the reasons people buy particular fashion brands is because they trust them.



It's no secret that most garments sporting top brand names are expensive. So, why do we spend so much money buying them, especially if we're broke? It might shock you to learn that psychology plays a big part in such buying decisions.

Many people want to feel important, and the clothes we wear can make that happen. Let's face it; if you wanted to impress someone with what you wear, you'd only buy branded items... generally speaking.



Most of us love to show off something about ourselves. For many of us, clothing helps us to show off natural beauty. Whether we like to admit it or not, vanity is a key driver when it comes to buying branded clothing.



I mentioned a moment ago that branded garments are expensive. Sure, that's true in most cases - but not all of them! The Internet makes it possible for us to buy big-name brands at rock-bottom prices.

It could be down to online retailers having flash sales, for example. Or it might be end of season garments reduced to make way for new stock. One interesting fact is how online shoppers save money using discount codes. Here's an example of the buying habits of such savvy shoppers from Italy, the world's leader when it comes to fashion:

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What is your perception when it comes to buying name brand?