How I Styled My Fashion Finds From Walmart!


Spring is Here!!

I am so excited because the weather here in Los Angeles has been on another level from cloudy chilly days to endless nights of constants rain. I am so ready for the warm weather and the sun to coming shining in… and what better way to kick off Spring than with some new pieces.

I have teamed up with Walmart for their “We Dress America” Spring campaign to show you how you can look fabulous while on a budget. Additionally, Walmart is excited to share their extensive selection of styles at affordable prices that you can mix and match with your current wardrobe (which is what I did).



For this look, I styled my Time and True High Rise Jeans and Prive Revaux Sunglasses with a salmon colored button up blouse and nude heels. I wanted to mix casual w/ stylish, so the accessories added a nice touch for me. These jeans are really comfortable and stretchy and I like the slight edginess given by the rips.


I really loved this look and will definitely wear it again for a night out, brunch with the girls or even my next social networking event!



I live a very active lifestyle, so finding cute workout wear is a new thing for me. Who doesn’t want to feel good AND look good when working out? When I saw these Avia Performance Crop Legging, I knew I needed them. I paired these leggings with a cute pink workout top and my white Nike’s and it perfect for look for Spring and any type of outdoor workout- running, yoga, biking, etc.


While you’re planning your next shopping visit to get started on your Spring looks, make sure you head over to Walmart or visit to shop the We Dress America campaign! 

DISCLAIMER: This post is sponsored by Walmart via Linqia. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


OOTD | DTLA Vibes + Update!


Happy Thursday!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with you loved ones and are enjoying your time off (if you received it) because I know I am!! It feels so good to have a month off from my doctoral program and internship to just relax and not do a damn thang (raise your hand if you can relate).

While I'm on my break, I plan on "putting in werk" to get you all as many posts as possible because I feel as though I've been very neglectful lately with everything that I have going on with school (I promise imma do better in the New Year y'all).


School has been going great! I am learning so much that has been so applicable in not only my internship, but life in general. I am entering the 2nd semester of my 2nd year and time has been going by fast.... only 2 1/2 more years to go!!!

As far as my internship, it is INTENSE but rewarding at the same time and I am feeling like a Clinical Psychologist/Neuro-Psychologist everyday. I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to gain experience in a multidisciplinary behavioral health environment where my patient demographic spans the DSM. I feel so honored to be able to help others who are going through difficulties to help them gain control and insight of their lives.

I've also finished up a tedious application process for a Health Professions Scholarship for the Air Force to be an Air Force Psychologist. The reason I decided to start my career this route is because the training is impeccable and I will have the opportunity to not only gain experience in advanced and new research techniques in the field, but I will have the opportunity to work in different areas of the field (providing therapeutic services, consulting with the Dept. of Defense and other governmental agencies, Neuropsychological Testing, Deployment clearance testing, etc...). I find out in the New Year if I get accepted or not.... *FINGERS CROSSED*

If you all want to hear more about being in a Clinical Psychology doctoral program... COMMENT BELOW or EMAIL ME and I will gladly respond :-)



Jacket: Wilson's Leather | Dress: Akira | Boots: Traffic Shoe



OOTD | Sitting Up In My Room

Living in Los Angeles is starting to grow on me (just a little). I think it's mainly because of my apartment in Downtown LA. I love the hustle and bustle of the city life, the urban streets, graffiti and art, immense array of shopping, restaurants, nightlife and best of all everything is walking distance! Living in downtown is like a whole different world compared to the mountains and palm tress that you would mostly see here.

This outfit for me is perfect for a casual day in Downtown LA, especially if you are walking and exploring the area because it provides you with comfort for walking while looking uber stylish.



Sweater: H&M  | Boyfriend Jeans: Old Navy  | Booties: Charlotte Russe

I decided to make the red sweater is the focus of this outfit by muting my bottom pieces (the black booties and the jeans) and adding a highlight accentuate the top (i.e. the gold jewelry) and I think it came out great as I got a lot of compliments from people walking the street. I still wanted to add a bit of edge to this look (going for a downtown urban feel), so I thought these ripped boyfriend jeans would do that.

I call this look.... downtown living.

sitting-the-kashonna-files-red sweater-ripped jeans.jpg



Video Credits: 

Videographer: Joseph Reeves   | MUA: Johanna


Western Vibes | OOTD Halloween Edition

I am finally back to doing my outfit of the day (OOTD) visuals and I am too excited!! If you can recall, I started this project back in Spring/Summer 2016 when I was in Atlanta, but had to stop because I uprooted my life across the country to Los Angeles to start my doctorate Clinical Psychology program (I will do a post soon about my experience, etc.). It took me awhile (about a year to be exact) to find a crew that I vibe with and now the wait is ova!!


I thought this outfit was so perfect and I put it together off of a whim. It definitely was giving me "fashionable California hiking fall vibes." Since the weather here is so in-congruent to the season (aka it's hot as hell), I decided to pair these bell bottom jeans with a crop top and a faux fur vest to give western vibes.

This weather adjustment is so stressful because while it is fall in most places in the country in October, we just had this ridiculous heat wave this week where the temp was in the 100's!!! Talk about "pissed because you got a bomb fall wardrobe that you can barely wear". However, I will not be defeated.



Crop Top: Marshalls | Faux Fur Vest: Nordstroms | Jeans: Abercrombie and Fitch 

Brim Hat: TJ Maxx | Boots (knee-length): Belk


Despite the weather.... Fall is my favorite time of year because it's when you can really show off your style and creative-ness through layering. During this time, I love to either play up the accessories (like hats, belts, scarves), or play up layering my outfits (pairing a blazer with a sweater, etc). 

Color trends for this season that I am looking at doing will be plays off of emerald, orange, red, gold, plum, fuchsia and of course black. 


What are your "go-to" looks for this season?


Videographer/Photographer: Edwin Glass Rivera | MUA: Denise Medina


East African Gal

So it's supposedly Spring in the L.A. area, however, it does not feel like it at all. It has been more cooler and cloudy days than sunny and warm days. Hey, I am NOT complaining! As a Midwest gal (St. Louis to be exact), I am use to experiencing all 4 seasons and what TRUE Spring feels like (of course with more rain). But I did not expect L.A. to be this cool.

Not sure if many of you know, but I moved to the L.A. area from Atlanta last August to start my Doctorate program in Clinical and Neuropsychology (YAY!!) and I have just finished my first year. I could not be more proud of myself, for being able to accomplish my dream of getting into a doctoral program. The journey was long, but it was well worth it. This was the FIRST and ONLY school that I applied to and voila, ya girl got in! With that being said, I literally uprooted my life across the country and went that came a yard sale and everything went from furniture to most of my clothes. Needless to say, this year has been heavily focused on school, my clinical internship and work, so there has been NO TIME to go shopping.

.... and that's where this lovely outfit comes in. 


This lovely creation happens to be 2 different dresses that I conveniently turned into a top and a pencil skirt ensemble. Desperate times call for desperate measure right? However, this is what makes fashion so beautiful, when you can create unique looks that look amazing.

African print anything is ALWAYS in season because it is so versatile and comes in an assortment of color patterns and it always makes me feel good when I can give an ode to the other half of my heritage. As always, black never goes out of style and I love how this dress converted very easily into a top and the cut outs add for a sexy and playful look. 



TOP: Guess | SKIRT: Vintage find | CLUTCH: TJ Maxx | SHOES: Traffic Shoe



Casual Cutie




Yes Ladies... It's getting warm out and it's time to show off your BEST (assets). For me that is definitely my legs, so daisy dukes all Summer '16! This outfit is the perfect definition of a girls day out for shopping, brunch or late afternoon drinks. It is very comfortable and casual yet stylish. The simplicity of the denim shorts and white beater put the focal point on the sleeveless cardigan and the shoes add a very subtle feminine touch to finish off the look. 


TRACK | Queen


BLAZER: Sag Harbor | TOP: Vintage find  | JEANS: H& M  |  HEELS: Modern Vice | RING: Bakers

What do you get when you mix a tomboy with fashion? You get a dope a** shoot in a dope a** setting! I definitely put my skills to use hence you see me on the train box car (YES I did climb up to the top in my heels *2 snaps*). 

This shoot was so fun... from strutting on the abandoned train tracks to climbing the box car. This outfit was perfect for the setting and surprisingly enough, all of the colors (the background and my outfit) blended well together to bring this Spring look all together. I decided to play off pastels and neutral and make my blazer, belt and lippie be the focal point for this look. I have been into blazers lately because they can make any outfit look good, especially on struggle days when you are stressing over what to wear.

What are your go to staple pieces?


Black Mamba


TOP: Vintage find | SKIRT: Express| PUMPS: Nina  |  CLUTCH: TJ Maxx 

I had so much fun shooting this video! We shot this under the Krog Street Tunnel where there is so much beautiful and dope street art. 


The Krog Street Tunnel is located in East Atlanta connecting between the neighborhoods of Inman Park and Cabbagetown.  It runs underneath a train yard and is constantly covered in dope street art that is constantly being changed by local artists. To many ATLiens, it is considered to be a landmark where creatives come to express themselves.

There are many street art murals in Atlanta, but this one is unique and there isn't another like that in the city because it is ok to post, paint, draw and tap into your creative zone here, no permission needed. The art there is subjective- some of the pieces are elaborate and intricate using different art methods (spray paint, stencil drawing, paintbrush, sponge, etc.). 

This location was perfect for this shoot and song (see video below) and I really enjoyed creating it. The background imagery went perfectly with my outfit because everything goes with all black. I wanted to bring a sort of dark moody presence to correlate with the tone of the tunnel while adding some pops of color to really set it off.

If you happen to be in Atlanta any time soon (or you live in the area), make sure to check out this dope scene!!


Mellow | Yellow + Subculture


Blazer: Subculture | Belt: Subculture | Crop Top: Forever21 | Skinny Jeans: Forever 21 | 

Earrings: Belk | Bracelets: H&M


Don't you just LOVE this blazer?? The color, the details... there is so much that I can pair this with. I loved how they styled this look with the combination of dark and bright colors. No bumble bee name calling here.

You can find out more about the style duo and their events HERE



80's Vibes w/ Subculture


Jumpsuit: Subculture | Bandage Top: Subculture | Heels: Modern Vice | Jewelry: Vintage Find

Now for the next installment of my DOPE A** friends edition.... my boo's SUBCULTURE!!

Subculture is a style duo cultivated by Kareema Black and Autumn Foreman. They got their start by working events and shows for Cultivating Cultures LLC.  While Kareema is busy with PR and Marketing for the company, Autumn styles shoots, drives creative influences and designs original pieces for their brand. This past year, the majority of their designs were hand picked, one of a kind pieces and they made a name for themselves styling photo-shoots for different artists and models in the Atlanta area. 

The past 8 months, Subculture has been expanding their brand, and reaching a broader audience. They have built a team of photographers, fitness gurus, models, stylists, make up artists, creative directors and more. By building a team, Subculture has become a source for entertainment, community outreach, and fashion in the Atlanta area..... With that being said, once a month, Subculture has an underground Sunday called “Whiskey and Yoga.”

Subculture is a brand that stands behind unity, love and openness, Subculture plans to make a lot of noise as they continue to develop their brand, meet new people and travel with their ideas.

I am loving this jumpsuit that they styled for me, it's perfect for spring because it is very lightweight. Since the color is very bold and bright, we paired it with a tan bandage top and nude strappy heels so that the jumpsuit would remain the focal point.

You can find out more about the style duo and their events HERE