Your Forever Clothing Pieces

You will have them in your wardrobe. Those items that you picked up ages ago that might need replacing or updating, but you can’t let them go because you haven’t found a suitable replacement for them. Where replacing another piece of clothing is pretty much done in a single shop, these things seem to be impossible to bring to a final conclusion, so you shelf them and they become lingering missions, always in the back of your mind. You could be going clothes shopping for something else completely, but be sidetracked by veering off your mission by ‘quickly’ checking out your long-term replacement goals. Why is this so hard, and what are the usual suspects?

The Cardigan

On everyone’s list is the perfect cardigan. Sure, clothing stores will stock plenty of them, but if you are looking for a stylish long cardigan you can wear in winter, they are near impossible to find. They are either too slim or too sloppy. Going too thin will run you the risk of looking too bulky when you wear things underneath (which you will) and going too sloppy will make you look like your grandma (which is fine if that’s the look you are after).

The 3 Inch Heel

Another one on everyone’s hit list is a perfect 3-inch heel. Sure, you have your “I’m going out” heels of 4 and 5 inch, but for your everyday work shoe, you will need a 3-inch heel… and for me they’ve been hard to find. The alternative is just to wear sneakers, but having a good 3-inch heel in your arsenal will make things much easier. Dressed up enough to look presentable, practical enough to deal with everyday challenges.

The Tunic

A set of high quality tunics. Tunic tops get a bad rep because a lot of people wear them not form-fitting at all. In most cases, it will make the wearer look bulkier. An excellent fitting tunic top can do wonders with one’s body shape while being comfortable as well. They are perfect for lounging and will even be suitable for a day at the office. Tunics are great because they are flirty, flowy and playful. The only risk with tunics is that once you find a good one, you will want to wear it every time.

The Turtleneck

Another misunderstood, and hard to replace, the item is the turtleneck. Maybe you’ll have associations with Steve Jobs thinking about this type of garment, but that is unfair on an item that should be part of anyone’s wardrobe. The turtleneck is extremely practical in winter, keeping your neck warm. The problem, however, is that they tend to be extremely ill-fitted (either too tight or too loose) and if the fit is not correct, they quickly get uncomfortable.

Endless Journey

So, the perfect cardigan, a pair of 3-inch heels, a versatile tunic and a comfortable turtleneck are on the forever searching list, but there are plenty of other items that could be on this one. What about the perfect winter boots, best pair of underwear, and, dare we say it, ideal autumn and winter hat? Seems like the quest is endless, but maybe that’s precisely how it should be.