Graffiti Chic: COCoA-ine Jane


Bandage Dress: Miss Guided | Blazer: Old Navy | Heels: Traffic Shoe

 Necklace: Etsy | Aviators: Ray-Ban

So my OBSESSION with graffiti street art continues! Don't you just love it though? Seeing the finished product and how everything comes together makes this shit so dope to me. I have a niche for finding beauty in the most random places (thinking outside the box is my trade.)

Okay so when I bought this dress, I didn't know that it was going to be this short (LOL) like literally- this could be a shirt. When we were taking the photos, I kept pulling it down to make it shorter, so needless to say, I will be donating this dress (*sigh*). However, I LOVE this look and although Easter isn't here yet, I decided to wear white and I think I looked damn good in it (forget the stereotypes boo- just do you!) What drew me to this dress is the detail-I love the gold buttons on the side and the impromptu split. I decided to add the gold blazer to make the look pop and stand out, but then decided on the black accessories (shoes & clutch) to bring everything together.

When deciding on your look for the day, it is okay to go all out with your clothes and have your accessories tone down your look so everything blends together or vice versa. It's all about knowing what looks good on you and how to pair your details so your overall look is somewhat polish and not just all over the place.