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Happy Thursday!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with you loved ones and are enjoying your time off (if you received it) because I know I am!! It feels so good to have a month off from my doctoral program and internship to just relax and not do a damn thang (raise your hand if you can relate).

While I'm on my break, I plan on "putting in werk" to get you all as many posts as possible because I feel as though I've been very neglectful lately with everything that I have going on with school (I promise imma do better in the New Year y'all).


School has been going great! I am learning so much that has been so applicable in not only my internship, but life in general. I am entering the 2nd semester of my 2nd year and time has been going by fast.... only 2 1/2 more years to go!!!

As far as my internship, it is INTENSE but rewarding at the same time and I am feeling like a Clinical Psychologist/Neuro-Psychologist everyday. I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to gain experience in a multidisciplinary behavioral health environment where my patient demographic spans the DSM. I feel so honored to be able to help others who are going through difficulties to help them gain control and insight of their lives.

I've also finished up a tedious application process for a Health Professions Scholarship for the Air Force to be an Air Force Psychologist. The reason I decided to start my career this route is because the training is impeccable and I will have the opportunity to not only gain experience in advanced and new research techniques in the field, but I will have the opportunity to work in different areas of the field (providing therapeutic services, consulting with the Dept. of Defense and other governmental agencies, Neuropsychological Testing, Deployment clearance testing, etc...). I find out in the New Year if I get accepted or not.... *FINGERS CROSSED*

If you all want to hear more about being in a Clinical Psychology doctoral program... COMMENT BELOW or EMAIL ME and I will gladly respond :-)



Jacket: Wilson's Leather | Dress: Akira | Boots: Traffic Shoe



Graffiti Chic: COCoA-ine Jane


Bandage Dress: Miss Guided | Blazer: Old Navy | Heels: Traffic Shoe

 Necklace: Etsy | Aviators: Ray-Ban

So my OBSESSION with graffiti street art continues! Don't you just love it though? Seeing the finished product and how everything comes together makes this shit so dope to me. I have a niche for finding beauty in the most random places (thinking outside the box is my trade.)

Okay so when I bought this dress, I didn't know that it was going to be this short (LOL) like literally- this could be a shirt. When we were taking the photos, I kept pulling it down to make it shorter, so needless to say, I will be donating this dress (*sigh*). However, I LOVE this look and although Easter isn't here yet, I decided to wear white and I think I looked damn good in it (forget the stereotypes boo- just do you!) What drew me to this dress is the detail-I love the gold buttons on the side and the impromptu split. I decided to add the gold blazer to make the look pop and stand out, but then decided on the black accessories (shoes & clutch) to bring everything together.

When deciding on your look for the day, it is okay to go all out with your clothes and have your accessories tone down your look so everything blends together or vice versa. It's all about knowing what looks good on you and how to pair your details so your overall look is somewhat polish and not just all over the place.


Bold Tribal Prints & Pastels


Heyyyyyy LOVES!!

After a 3 month hiatus from the blog, it feels so good to get back to doing something that I love! I just needed a break to clear my head and conjure up some new and refreshing ideas because I felt that I was becoming stagnant. Needless to say, I'm back and better than ever and I cannot WAIT to share with you all the goodness that is to come!




Dress: GILLIAN      Skirt: American Apparel       Belt: Goodwill     Clutch: Goodwill
Earrings: Belk         Sunglasses: The Clothing Warehouse     Shoes: Steve Madden


So, who take a perfectly bomb dress and makes it into a top.... ME! 

I found this dress on a whim at a local vintage shop here in Atlanta and it definitely was calling my name. I have been into bold African and Tribal inspired prints and pastels lately and so I figured why not put them together. I love this look because the bold and dramatic look of the top doesn't over power the rest of the outfit because the skirt makes it stand out and the black accent touches from the belt and the shoes create a sleek final touch .

SPEAK OUT: Are you into Tribal prints? Do you consider yourself a Fashion Risk taker??


Backyard | Chillin

Spring fashion- the kashonna files.jpg
casual Blue blazer- the kashonna files.jpg
Spring Casual look- the kashonna files.jpg
Spring fashion- the kashonna files.jpg
Purple shorts- the kashonna files.jpg
          Blazer: Macys | Top: Thrifted | Shorts: Target | Shoes: Marshalls | Bag: Louis Vuitton                                            Cuff: Thrifted | Turquoise Ring: Bakers | Earrings: Belk

          Blazer: Macys | Top: Thrifted | Shorts: Target | Shoes: Marshalls | Bag: Louis Vuitton                                            Cuff: Thrifted | Turquoise Ring: Bakers | Earrings: Belk

This past weekend I Headed back home to  St. Louis to see my family. While the weather was horrible the majority of the time (raining and dreary) I didn't let that stop my style!

I opted for this casual ensemble on Saturday because I knew I had a lot of running around to do. I didn't plan for this outfit to look as good as it did lol, I was rushing and just put something together... but I love the way these colors play off of each other to give me a fun Spring look. What's even better, this look can go from day to night... just put on a bad heel and your good to go!

What are your favorite Spring Trends? Comment below...

à la Mode Mondays: Blue Leather + Booties

Happy Monday Loves!

I hope your week is starting off great! 

Leather Jacket: Wilson's Leather/  Top: Forever 21/  Skirt: Macys/  Tights: Macys/  Booties: Rampage ( view similar ) / Belt: Vintage

Leather Jacket: Wilson's Leather/  Top: Forever 21/  Skirt: Macys/  Tights: Macys/  Booties: Rampage (view similar) / Belt: Vintage

I was feeling real bad azz today and wanted to wear something that complimented my mood. I plan on going into this week ready to take on any challenges that might be thrown my way (and why not look good while doing so!) I love this leather jacket because it's so versatile and can be worn dressed up or down. I decided to throw a pop of color into the mix with this red belt and it really transformed the outfit. The see- through blouse really made this look more feminine and chic!


Make sure that you link up with me and show off your favorite look from the week. Details below....

Headed to the TOP!

My philosophy in life when it comes to being successful is to "DREAM BIG not little & you'll achieve greatness!" Greatness, in whatever aspect it may be to you, once you achieve your goal, you feel like you can conquer just about anything. But in order to be successful, you have to put in the amount of hard work that it takes.... if you only put in 3 hours, you will only reap 3 hours of benefits! Too many times people want success to just come to them, but if you want someone to invest in you, you have to invest in YOURSELF first!

Style Deets

Romper:  Mai Tai / Shoes: Top-Sider Sperry's Denim Jacket: Goodwill find (cut up & bleached) /   Hat: Mark! by Avon / Clutch: Vintage find  / Jewelry: Vintage