It Pays To Feel Good: Giving Yourself A Fashion Treat At The End Of The Month

It seems that these days we are not always able to give ourselves that little treat, but it's something we have to do- it makes us feel good! Maybe we don't have the budget to afford high-end brands every week, but surely we must take advantage of our paycheck at the end of the month and have a mini splurge on something that makes us feel a little bit better? Here are some ideas to give yourself a fashion treat.

“It's Been A Hard Month!”

If it's been a particularly difficult month, with emotional highs and lows, give yourself that treat you've been wanting for so long. Of course, maybe you don't have the money for that Mulberry handbag but you could go for the purse instead? If you've had a hard month, and you need that little something to keep you “clutching on”, then maybe a clutch bag will give you that bit of happiness.

“I Want To Feel Good About Myself Again”

If you are feeling particularly low, and you want to feel good about yourself again, then maybe it's time to look in the mirror and see what can be fixed. Now, we're not talking about plastic surgery, but instead, why don't you go for one of the many beauty subscription boxes available out there? The cheapest boxes come with shampoo and conditioner, or if you want to go to the more expensive ones, the Cohorted box gives you plenty of lipstick, eyeshadow, and make-up. These beauty subscription boxes are a monthly payment, meaning your end of the month treat can be every month!

“Give Me Some Sparkle!”

If we just need some sparkle in our lives, then we can go for a little something that adds that extra shine. It doesn't have to be a change from head to toe; you can click here for some earrings that add a bit of dazzle to any modest look. Or if you're looking to make that definitive statement, some sparkly heels can make you feel better and give you a spring in your step. A bit of bling is always what the doctor recommends!

“Let's Hit The Town”

You've had a bad month, you've had so much stress, and you want to just hit the town and forget about it all. Depending on your taste, you can go for a cocktail dress if you want to head to the upmarket or demure occasions, or head straight to the shoe shop and get those stilettos so you can hit the clubs! When Saturday night comes around, we can throw off the shackles of the working week, and the difficult month, by hitting the town with our girlfriends and making the most of the night.

We all have times when we look back on the month and think, "I can't believe I survived that!" If you can't wait for the end of January to come around, then think about what you're going to spend with that delicious paycheck.