Do You Have These Essential Summer Outfits?

Summer is a lot of people's favorite time of year and with good reason! It's the time of year when the sun finally comes out, and you get to enjoy spending some time outdoors. Whether you're the type, to go hiking on the weekends, or if you'd rather spend your time with friends drinking cocktails in the garden, summer really is amazing. Of course, it does bring with it the problem that you've suddenly got a whole new wardrobe to think about. After all, those chunky sweatshirts and scarves aren't going to be much use to you when the temperatures gets up into the mid-eighties.

To help you survive the summer, here are a few essential outfits that you need to have in your wardrobe.


One-piece bathing suit

Sure, bikinis might have ruled the waves for the last few years, but one-piece bathing suits are making a serious comeback! There's nothing quite like the wonderfully classy vintage style that they bring. Whether you're spending the day at the beach, or you're just lounging by the pool, you'll be able to enjoy a little Hollywood glamor.

The perfect beach dress

A day at the beach is the perfect way to spend a hot and sunny day, but if you're not dressed for the occasion then it can be a totally miserable experience! Women's summer beach dresses are the perfect choice for not only looking good but staying comfy when you're playing in the sand. Not only that but if you wear your one-piece underneath then you can whip off the dress without any trouble and go diving into the water!

Classy evening wear

Of course, the summer isn't all days at the beach and lounging in the sun. If you're out on a classy night on the town, then you want to be able to look good without sweating through your best cocktail dress. Take advantage of the weather and show a little skin. Whether it's a long dress with a slit that brings a little bit of sexiness and style, or you want to bring some fun to your evening with a little black dress, there are plenty of options for how you can stay classy while also staying cool when you’re out on the town.

Staying cool at work

One of the toughest places to stay cool while looking good is at work. After all, if you're spending all day in smart clothes and a blazer then unless you spend all day under the A/C, you're going to end up roasting alive! Make sure that you have something like a lightweight shirt and a pencil skirt that gives you room to move and breathe without sacrificing a sense of professionalism and class.


With these few simple outfits, you should be able to stay cool and comfortable while looking good all summer long. And don't you worry, when the seasons change your chunky sweaters and your boyfriend’s hoodie will be right there waiting for you!


Destination FABULOUS: Fun in the Sun (looks under $50)

Summer is here and many of us (I'm sure) are planning vacations! It's the perfect season to get away from any stress at home, lie on the beach and explore the culture and excitement that a getaway has to offer. So who would I be if I didn't share  my fabulous swimsuit finds with you (and 4 of the TOP vacay spots) that I think would be perfect! Oh and did I mention, they are all under $50 (the swimsuits of course!!!)

Santorini, Greece  is the perfect getaway spot if you are looking for something grown and sexy and channel your inner Zeus or Aphrodite.  Santorini offers black-sand beaches, crystal-clear waters and whitewashed villages clinging to volcanic cliffs. Many from all over come to uncover the mysterious lost kingdom of Atlantis, and others marvel over the breathtaking scenic waters of the Mediterranean.

Grecian Getaway

Vero Moda , $36 / Izabel London sleeveless top, $38 / Rare London sequin top, $31 / Boohoo one piece swimsuit / Bow bandeau top, $25

Barcelona, Spain  is so damn sexy from the culture to the people; you may want to watch out so that you aren't seductively woed. Barcelona has something for everyone from the beachside nightclubs, sexy Spanish dancers, amazing exotic food to the sacred churches/cathedrals. With so much to explore here, you may just want to plan for a stay more than a week. 

Hola Mamacita

ASOS triangle swimsuit, $44 / Miss Selfridge bikini swim suit, $41 / Wonderland bikini swimsuit, $28

U.S. Virgin Islands  has been dubbed "American's Caribbean Paradise." From Carnival, the flavorful food, to the beautiful people and gorgeous beaches, one can see how it definitely lives up to the name. You can hop from island to island and enjoy the amazing culture, sugar cane plantations, rum distilleries, luxurious shopping sites and you don't even have to convert your American dollars... SCORE!! 

hilton head.jpg

Hilton Head, South Carolina  is for the all American, golf enthusiast, simplistic and country down home lover . But don't get it twisted, that is not the only type of people that it attracts. As the second largest barrier island on the East Coast, Hilton Head offers a very family friendly vacation destination and will remind you of your home away from home. 

Accessories are also a MUST to complete any swimsuit look! Shop my store  for FAB finds!

Are you in the midst of planning your getaway? If so, where are you going?  Join the fun and hashtag #SummerGetaway to my TWITTER and send me your swimsuit and destination options :-)