Interested in Modelling? Tips For Helping You Succeed

Modelling is undoubtedly one of the most fiercely competitive working industries of the modern day (I should know as I’ve modeled professionally for many years). There are so many young men and women who are looking to make it in this area, however, there is no room for everybody to become a top model. This post is designed to ensure you use all of the tools at your disposal to help you succeed. So, keep reading to discover some secrets of becoming a thriving model in today’s market.

•    Love what you do and let it show – A lot of people underestimate just how important this is. Modelling is one of those industries you typically go into because you love the job. This outweighs any other perk. Thus, instead of worrying and stressing, embrace every moment and thoroughly enjoy what you do. This will show and it will impress clients. There is nothing they like to see more than fashion.

•    Flexible lifestyle – If you truly want to make it in this industry then you are going to have to be prepared to attend castings with barely any notice.

•    Learn how to take rejection – If you are going to make it in this industry then you need to learn how to take the word ‘NO’. You are not going to be booked for every single job you go for. Even the superstars of today, such as Erin O’Connor, say that they still get knocked back. Nine times out of ten it is no bad reflection on you. You simply don’t represent the route the client wants to go down. So don’t let a no dishearten you, rather it should make you more determined.

•    Positive mental attitude – Do you hate what you are wearing? Do you despise your makeup? It doesn’t matter. You have to wear it. Thus, train your mind to feel fabulous no matter what you are wearing.

•    Drink plenty of water and get enough sleep – No one wants a model with bad skin or bags under their eyes. You need to look after number one. This means drinking as much water as possible and trying to get your eight hours of sleep a night whenever possible.

Additionally, having a great smile and taking care of your teeth is important too. Make sure that you stay up on dental appointments and even seeking out an orthodontist if need be.

•    Know who you are as a model – There are many different types of modelling. It is unlikely that you are going to walk straight in and make it as a glamour model, a commercial model, a swimwear model, and a high fashion model all wrapped up into one. You need to know what type of modelling is going to suit you the most. Once you begin to make a name for yourself in the industry you will be able to dip into other areas of modelling.

•    Versatility is the key to success – Nobody wants a model who only knows how to rock one look and only has one pose in their range. You need to show versatility. You have to perform on demand and convey any emotion that is required of you.

•    Show off your personality – Finally, the world famous models of today all have distinct personalities. Look at Naomi Campbell or Cara Delevingne. They have strong characters. The biggest mistake aspiring models make is holding back. Be yourself. The worst thing you can ever be to a client is forgettable.


#ShonnaTaughtYou 5 Tips to Help You Look Amazing in Anything You Wear

When you put on any outfit ready to face the day, you want to be sure that you look absolutely amazing. Hopefully, these tips will help you so you can feel confident all day long. Take a look!

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Stand Up Straight

You need to have a good posture if you want to look amazing in anything you wear. This means standing tall with your chest out and shoulders back.

Make sure you keep your head up too. You don’t want it to look unnatural though, so practice a bit so it feels right. Having good posture will always make you look confident. It can knock pounds off your frame too! You might have to think about it at first, but soon it’ll be second nature to you. It’s worth doing this while you’re young so you don’t have to worry about it as you age.


Think Confident Thoughts

You need to give off an air of confidence, and to do that you need to think confident thoughts. If you feel negatively about yourself, it’ll show. Liking yourself and focusing on all of your good points is a brilliant way to look amazing in anything you wear.

Remember, there’s a difference between confidence and arrogance. You don’t want to come across as stuck up.


Wear the Right Underwear

There’s nothing worse than being able to see your underwear underneath what you’re wearing. You need to wear the right kind of underwear if you want to look your best. Visible panty lines and similar mishaps aren’t attractive. Make sure you choose your underwear based on your clothing.

Stockings can be a good choice for certain outfits, but you might need a strapless bra as well. You shouldn’t be able to tell what kind of underwear you have on at all ideally.


Avoid Eating Foods That Bloat You

Everybody is different when it comes to foods that bloat them. Try to be aware of the foods that affect you in this way and avoid eating them. Eating a lot of bread can bloat some people for example, and you won’t feel great if your tummy is huge. However, it’s different for everyone. Eat healthy foods that make you feel good and it’ll show.


Make Sure Your Clothes are ‘You’

Don’t try to wear clothes that you don’t feel are ‘you’. You need to make sure your clothes say something about your personality and that you feel comfortable and confident in them. Don’t try to be anything you’re not! Your clothes are an extension of your and your personality.

If you want to wear unique pieces then do that. If you’d rather wear more neutral clothes, do that. Don’t worry about what other people think!


If you bear these points in mind, you’ll look amazing in anything you choose to wear. You don’t need to be a supermodel to make people go ‘wow!’. Hope you love these tips and they work for you.

Leave any tips of your own below!

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