Sustainable Fashion: A New Craze?

You might think that compared to animal agriculture or heavy industry, fashion doesn’t have an unusually large impact on the environment. But when you realize just how many mines there are all over the world to extract precious metals for jewelry, how many cotton fields there are to make our clothes, and how many giant tankers freight clothing from one country to another, you soon realize that what you wear really does make a big difference to the planet.

Today, many of us are looking to make more ecologically-friendly fashion choices which help the planet and make life sustainable for our children and grandchildren. Here are some things you can do today that are both fashionable and sustainable.

Buy Clothes Second Hand

Every year, Americans throw out more than a million tons of clothing. According to estimates, upwards of two-thirds of those clothes could be resold, giving somebody else a new outfit and saving on all the resource costs of making clothes. The great thing about second-hand clothing is that you’ll often find vintage items - something stylish from the past that you can wear today.

Also, keep an eye out for great bargains. You’ll be amazed at some of the designer items people throw out and how cheaply you can find them in charity and secondhand stores.

Choose Sustainable Brands

Some brands go out of their way to be more sustainable than others, using fewer resources and emitting less CO2. According to a Brilliant Earth review, fashion businesses address everything from environmental issues to education in many of the poorer countries where they operate. Next time you go shopping for designer clothing or jewelry, take some time to look at the brand’s website. Do they support sustainable practices? Or are they exploiting resources and labor in developing countries?

Always Choose Natural Fibers Over Synthetic

Do you know your natural fibers from your synthetic? If you’re interested in saving the planet, you should. Natural fibers include anything which can grows in the ground. That includes wool, bamboo, and cotton (yes, you can get clothing made from bamboo these days!). Avoid synthetic fabrics, most of which are made from the byproducts of an oil refining.

Choose Locally Made

Transporting clothes from one location to another uses up a fabulous amount of resources. That’s why so many fashion-conscious people now prefer to source their clothing locally. And with a growing community of artisanal tailors, the breadth of choices available to consumers is growing by the day.

The great thing about locally-produced clothing is that you get to see the conditions under which the clothing was made up close and personal. Often artisans are hobbyists who employ just a handful of people in small workshops - all of whom want to be there.

Up-cycle Your Old Items

Rather than put an old dress in the trash just because it went out of date, why not make a few alterations or re-purpose it? You’ll be amazed how you can transform any item of clothing from something drab into something delightful with just a few simple changes.




East African Gal

So it's supposedly Spring in the L.A. area, however, it does not feel like it at all. It has been more cooler and cloudy days than sunny and warm days. Hey, I am NOT complaining! As a Midwest gal (St. Louis to be exact), I am use to experiencing all 4 seasons and what TRUE Spring feels like (of course with more rain). But I did not expect L.A. to be this cool.

Not sure if many of you know, but I moved to the L.A. area from Atlanta last August to start my Doctorate program in Clinical and Neuropsychology (YAY!!) and I have just finished my first year. I could not be more proud of myself, for being able to accomplish my dream of getting into a doctoral program. The journey was long, but it was well worth it. This was the FIRST and ONLY school that I applied to and voila, ya girl got in! With that being said, I literally uprooted my life across the country and went that came a yard sale and everything went from furniture to most of my clothes. Needless to say, this year has been heavily focused on school, my clinical internship and work, so there has been NO TIME to go shopping.

.... and that's where this lovely outfit comes in. 


This lovely creation happens to be 2 different dresses that I conveniently turned into a top and a pencil skirt ensemble. Desperate times call for desperate measure right? However, this is what makes fashion so beautiful, when you can create unique looks that look amazing.

African print anything is ALWAYS in season because it is so versatile and comes in an assortment of color patterns and it always makes me feel good when I can give an ode to the other half of my heritage. As always, black never goes out of style and I love how this dress converted very easily into a top and the cut outs add for a sexy and playful look. 



TOP: Guess | SKIRT: Vintage find | CLUTCH: TJ Maxx | SHOES: Traffic Shoe



Brown Suga Babe


Sweater: H&M | Faux Fur Jacket: Uptown Cheapskate | Jeans: H&M

Heels: Modern Vice | Clutch: Goodwill


I have really been all over the place with this blog.... I KNOW.  I have gone through yet another life changing epiphany moment (hey, it's an AQUARIUS thing), BUT after blogging off and on for almost 4 years now, I have had my "ah ha" moment about not just the direction I want to take my blog this year, but also my life, so stay tuned for some pretty awesome AND consistant dope shit!!

:::::::::::: OK RANT OVER, BACK TO THE FASHION ::::::::::::

I am loving this play on the neutral and brown/ red family here. I literally woke up with this outfit on my mind and it came out perfect for this sunny yet chilling day in the A. I love the contrast between the top and bottom because this outfit literally screams "move over winter, spring is on it's way"!

I am really excited to bring you all more of my fashion looks because I think I have great style and would love to inspire you all to step outside your comfort zone with finding your unique style.

"be BOLD, but ALWAYS be true to YOU!"

-Cheryl K


Bold Tribal Prints & Pastels


Heyyyyyy LOVES!!

After a 3 month hiatus from the blog, it feels so good to get back to doing something that I love! I just needed a break to clear my head and conjure up some new and refreshing ideas because I felt that I was becoming stagnant. Needless to say, I'm back and better than ever and I cannot WAIT to share with you all the goodness that is to come!




Dress: GILLIAN      Skirt: American Apparel       Belt: Goodwill     Clutch: Goodwill
Earrings: Belk         Sunglasses: The Clothing Warehouse     Shoes: Steve Madden


So, who take a perfectly bomb dress and makes it into a top.... ME! 

I found this dress on a whim at a local vintage shop here in Atlanta and it definitely was calling my name. I have been into bold African and Tribal inspired prints and pastels lately and so I figured why not put them together. I love this look because the bold and dramatic look of the top doesn't over power the rest of the outfit because the skirt makes it stand out and the black accent touches from the belt and the shoes create a sleek final touch .

SPEAK OUT: Are you into Tribal prints? Do you consider yourself a Fashion Risk taker??