Must-Have Accessories For Any Outfit

No outfit is complete without a full set of carefully chosen accessories. You might be in the most glamorous dress in the world, but without the jewelry or a purse to go with it, it just isn’t right. You don’t need to spend a lot on your accessories to have pieces to suit every occasion, but you do need to choose wisely. Make each purchase count. If it can work with something chic and elegant just as well as your everyday outfits, then it’s well worth the money. 


My favorite accessories would have to be rings. I love the simplicity and style of midi rings just as much as I like something shiny on my finger, like a diamond. If that's not in your budget,  a lab created diamond ring can look so stylish and every bit as good as the real thing. If you’re after something that screams chic, then choose quality jewelry for your hands. Earrings and bracelets are also pretty important accessories. Hoops and drop earrings have their place, but a quality stud looks really elegant with whatever you're wearing.


Hair accessories are a great way to help you sculpt your hair into any shape you want. I love clips that can be hidden under the hair, but when it comes to showing off your hairstyle, the accessories you choose should be beautiful. You can find quality hair accessories from stores online. Look for items that add to the shape and texture of your up-do.

Necklaces can draw the eye down the neck and to your chest. I love necklaces with lots of different lengths, so I have something for each top. Choker style necklaces look really cute over the top of roll necks and they also look elegant with a plunge neck dress. Necklaces don’t need to be expensive to look glamorous. You can certainly fake it here without cheapening your style. 


Scarves are so versatile. You can wear them with business wear, casual dresses, or even your winter coat. I like to have a good variety of scarves to hand to suit every occasion. They’re not expensive to buy. You can pick up some beautiful designs from the market, or some silk ones from the boutique. The choice is yours. Scarves should feature the dominant tone of your outfit in a more vibrant shade to work well. Because they can be tied in dozens of different ways, you can wear them in any way you like.


Belts and hats often go together and can completely transform an old outfit. With belts, they can make a simple dress pop or your pants look really goo(and stay put) with a simple tee or tank. With a hat, they can be your BFF on a bad hair day, or make your entire look and lipstick (hint ladies) POP! 


I love to accessorize my outfits. If I can make an old outfit look fresh again by vamping it with accessories, then I’m happy. What’s in your accessories collection?