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Yes Ladies... It's getting warm out and it's time to show off your BEST (assets). For me that is definitely my legs, so daisy dukes all Summer '16! This outfit is the perfect definition of a girls day out for shopping, brunch or late afternoon drinks. It is very comfortable and casual yet stylish. The simplicity of the denim shorts and white beater put the focal point on the sleeveless cardigan and the shoes add a very subtle feminine touch to finish off the look. 


School of Fashion: Most Expensive Brands of the Year

These days we're all obsessed with just how much money other people have. We want to know who is rich, who is richer and who is the richest. Even the rich are obsessed with letting everyone know just how rich they are (smh). Remember when Forbes got in trouble with Donald Trump for suggesting that he was worth a mere $4.5 billion, OF COURSE he corrected them at $10 billion.

With sites like Just Richest keen on keeping us informed, it looks like our obsession with ultimate luxury is here to stay. Throughout history, nothing has smacked of opulence more than the clothes that people wear. What used to set apart kings and queens from their subjects, NOW separates the rich from the not so rich.

So what are the most expensive brands out there this year? Grab your pencils and pens kids and prepare to be schooled. 


Giorgio Armani

Armani has become one of the world's most recognizable brands, thanks to its drive towards sophistication. It's original founders in 1975, Giorgio Armani and Sergio Galeotti, wanted to do haute couture, but since then, the brand has expanded into many areas, including ready to wear and interior design.

Over the following decades, celebrities began to take an interest in the otherwise little known Italian brand. Soon it was transformed from a curiosity for those in the industry into a mainstream offering. In the 1990s celebrities like Richard Gere and Michelle Pfeiffer catapulted the brand to fame. As a result, it garnered universal acclaim and is now worth an estimated $1.8 billion.


Dolce & Gabbana

Another pair of Italian designers, Dolce & Gabbana wanted to bring their own take on fashion to the global market. Starting a decade after Armani, they were again made famous by the desire of the elites to dress in the world's finest attire.

Recently, the Dolce & Gabbana collection was inspired by a fairy tale theme. Rich floral colours, high-fantasy styling and photo shoots set in ancient woods. It's like when Lord of the Rings met the catwalk.



Chanel is one of those brands that has had an enduring legacy. It began in the 1920s under the auspices of Coco Chanel and ever since it has been a label that is synonymous with high-fashion and luxury.

But Chanel had a slightly different, almost hedonistic philosophy. It wanted it's clothes to be not only beautiful but also comfortable, If you were to truly live like a king you had to look great but also, look happy looking great.

Now worth $7 billion dollars Chanel is a globally recognized brand and a mainstay of the celebrity elite.


Louis Vuitton

Despite the fact that Louis Vuitton is most famous for its handbags and suitcases, the brand is worth more than all the others here combined. That said, Louis Vuitton are heavily involved in ready-to-wear and evening wear.

But practically every celebrity of note has at one time or another been seen sporting one of their designer handbags or luggage. And that's probably why the company has been valued at a lofty $28 billion.


Of course there are other successful fashion brands out there and new and up coming designers that are killing the game right now, but these are a few of the classics that steal the show.


What is your favorite fashion house brand?


Backyard | Chillin

Spring fashion- the kashonna files.jpg
casual Blue blazer- the kashonna files.jpg
Spring Casual look- the kashonna files.jpg
Spring fashion- the kashonna files.jpg
Purple shorts- the kashonna files.jpg
          Blazer: Macys | Top: Thrifted | Shorts: Target | Shoes: Marshalls | Bag: Louis Vuitton                                            Cuff: Thrifted | Turquoise Ring: Bakers | Earrings: Belk

          Blazer: Macys | Top: Thrifted | Shorts: Target | Shoes: Marshalls | Bag: Louis Vuitton                                            Cuff: Thrifted | Turquoise Ring: Bakers | Earrings: Belk

This past weekend I Headed back home to  St. Louis to see my family. While the weather was horrible the majority of the time (raining and dreary) I didn't let that stop my style!

I opted for this casual ensemble on Saturday because I knew I had a lot of running around to do. I didn't plan for this outfit to look as good as it did lol, I was rushing and just put something together... but I love the way these colors play off of each other to give me a fun Spring look. What's even better, this look can go from day to night... just put on a bad heel and your good to go!

What are your favorite Spring Trends? Comment below...