East African Gal

So it's supposedly Spring in the L.A. area, however, it does not feel like it at all. It has been more cooler and cloudy days than sunny and warm days. Hey, I am NOT complaining! As a Midwest gal (St. Louis to be exact), I am use to experiencing all 4 seasons and what TRUE Spring feels like (of course with more rain). But I did not expect L.A. to be this cool.

Not sure if many of you know, but I moved to the L.A. area from Atlanta last August to start my Doctorate program in Clinical and Neuropsychology (YAY!!) and I have just finished my first year. I could not be more proud of myself, for being able to accomplish my dream of getting into a doctoral program. The journey was long, but it was well worth it. This was the FIRST and ONLY school that I applied to and voila, ya girl got in! With that being said, I literally uprooted my life across the country and went that came a yard sale and everything went from furniture to most of my clothes. Needless to say, this year has been heavily focused on school, my clinical internship and work, so there has been NO TIME to go shopping.

.... and that's where this lovely outfit comes in. 


This lovely creation happens to be 2 different dresses that I conveniently turned into a top and a pencil skirt ensemble. Desperate times call for desperate measure right? However, this is what makes fashion so beautiful, when you can create unique looks that look amazing.

African print anything is ALWAYS in season because it is so versatile and comes in an assortment of color patterns and it always makes me feel good when I can give an ode to the other half of my heritage. As always, black never goes out of style and I love how this dress converted very easily into a top and the cut outs add for a sexy and playful look. 



TOP: Guess | SKIRT: Vintage find | CLUTCH: TJ Maxx | SHOES: Traffic Shoe



80's Vibes w/ Subculture


Jumpsuit: Subculture | Bandage Top: Subculture | Heels: Modern Vice | Jewelry: Vintage Find

Now for the next installment of my DOPE A** friends edition.... my boo's SUBCULTURE!!

Subculture is a style duo cultivated by Kareema Black and Autumn Foreman. They got their start by working events and shows for Cultivating Cultures LLC.  While Kareema is busy with PR and Marketing for the company, Autumn styles shoots, drives creative influences and designs original pieces for their brand. This past year, the majority of their designs were hand picked, one of a kind pieces and they made a name for themselves styling photo-shoots for different artists and models in the Atlanta area. 

The past 8 months, Subculture has been expanding their brand, and reaching a broader audience. They have built a team of photographers, fitness gurus, models, stylists, make up artists, creative directors and more. By building a team, Subculture has become a source for entertainment, community outreach, and fashion in the Atlanta area..... With that being said, once a month, Subculture has an underground Sunday called “Whiskey and Yoga.”

Subculture is a brand that stands behind unity, love and openness, Subculture plans to make a lot of noise as they continue to develop their brand, meet new people and travel with their ideas.

I am loving this jumpsuit that they styled for me, it's perfect for spring because it is very lightweight. Since the color is very bold and bright, we paired it with a tan bandage top and nude strappy heels so that the jumpsuit would remain the focal point.

You can find out more about the style duo and their events HERE




Dress: Rose Wholesale | Trench Coat: Guess | Heels: Modern Vice

 Jewelry: Vintage Find | Shades: Ray bans


I'm SOOOOO excited to FINALLY share with you all a project that I have been harboring/working on for over a year now that has finally come to fruition. This project, MY BABY is my new introduction to my OOTD's and it is a faux music video (WATCH OUT BEY). I won't go into much more detail, because each concept will be different, but just know it's gonna be HAUTE!

This is the 1st installment of my video project and the concept behind it is based off of Jazmine Sullivan's "Mascara" and the idea that "SHE" always has to slay from head to toe to keep it lookin' right for her man so she can keep those coins ($$$) coming.... at least that is the character I'm playing.

This outfit choice was perfect because the bandage dress fit with the persona of the song and I bought it online and was quite please that it fit me so well (2 SNAPS). I decided to add some color and pair it with a red trench coat for that extra pop.

Check out the visuals and leave a comment :)


Graffiti Chic: Concrete Jungle



Bandage Dress: Forever 21 | Cardigan: Liz & Bee | Boots: Rampage (Belk)

Clutch: Vintage Find | Necklace: Goodwill | Bracelets: H&M | Shades: Raybans

The BEST outfits always tend to be the ones that are not planned (at least in my opinion). While I was having a "I don't have anything to wear" fit, I decided you can never go wrong with all black and so here we are.

The great thing about wearing black is that it looks good on any body type and can make you look fashionably in an instant. I decided to pair this look with my Liz & Bee olive green cardigan and play with reds, golds, greens and purples with my accessories to add some color all the while not taking away from the overall look. I feel so #BlackGirlMagic mixed with "the revolution will not be televised" chic in this look. I love the cutouts in the sleeves of the dress because it puts an "edge" to my look and adds to the urban feel of the background. It's crazy how I have had this dress in my closet for so long and never thought to wear it like this.

I am so into combining street art and fashion because I love the abstract of the graffiti and how my outfits look against it. There is a lot of street art in Atlanta that I cannot wait to photograph with.


POSTED | uP ft. Jah. Revamped


Romper: Jah.Revamped | Heels: Charlotte Russe | Clutch: Jah.Revamped

I am all about the accessories for this outfit and love how they compliment each other. This outfit is perfect for a night out when you want to be dressy but comfortable at the same time. The black romper takes a back seat and lets the colorful graphics of the shoes and boldness of the clutch take the lead.... my boo Jah has done it again. 

If you don't recall, I first wore some of Jah. Revamped pieces in my previous Valentine's Day post and I told you all that I would be wearing more of here eclectic fashionable finds. If you want to find out more about the items she has for sale, visit her on Instagram: @jah.revamped


808's n Heartbreaks ft. Jah Revamped

Happy Valentine's Day.........

Yea, those (.......) are for the ones that are absolutely in LOVE with the fact of being in Love with this day.  V-day has never been something that I have been over the top about. Maybe it's my Aquarian and unpredictable ways, but I just never was the roses and candy type of chick. 

But I digress.... I want all my lovelies that are really excited to be spending time with their boo's today to truly enjoy it.... and this style post is for you <3


Jacket: Jah.Revamped | Crop Top: Forever 21 | Skirt: Jah.Revamped

Heels: Charlotte Russe | Purse: Jah.Revamped

My boo Jah is dope as hell if I must say so! She is a stylist and thrifter who has really unique and stylish pieces and we decided to team up and have her style me in some of her pieces.

I love this look right here! It's such a juxtaposition because you have so many different contrasting colors, textures and shapes (that you wouldn't normally put together) pieced together to create such a dynamic look. This outfit is definitely for the risk-taker, bold and confident fashionista.

I love how the cream in the chunky heels and the crossbody soften this look up and brings everything together. I told you guys in my previous post that I am getting back to my old self again and my fashion definitely shows my unique and creative side.

You will definitely see me wearing more of her pieces in the near future. If you want to find out more about the items she has for sale, visit her on Instagram: @jah.revamped


She is a paradox, nothing you’ve ever seen before. She’s unique with a mysterious charm. She breaks the rules so gracefully and unnoticeable, you’ll believe that’s the way it’s supposed to be.
— Cheryl K


Brown Suga Babe


Sweater: H&M | Faux Fur Jacket: Uptown Cheapskate | Jeans: H&M

Heels: Modern Vice | Clutch: Goodwill


I have really been all over the place with this blog.... I KNOW.  I have gone through yet another life changing epiphany moment (hey, it's an AQUARIUS thing), BUT after blogging off and on for almost 4 years now, I have had my "ah ha" moment about not just the direction I want to take my blog this year, but also my life, so stay tuned for some pretty awesome AND consistant dope shit!!

:::::::::::: OK RANT OVER, BACK TO THE FASHION ::::::::::::

I am loving this play on the neutral and brown/ red family here. I literally woke up with this outfit on my mind and it came out perfect for this sunny yet chilling day in the A. I love the contrast between the top and bottom because this outfit literally screams "move over winter, spring is on it's way"!

I am really excited to bring you all more of my fashion looks because I think I have great style and would love to inspire you all to step outside your comfort zone with finding your unique style.

"be BOLD, but ALWAYS be true to YOU!"

-Cheryl K


Bold Tribal Prints & Pastels


Heyyyyyy LOVES!!

After a 3 month hiatus from the blog, it feels so good to get back to doing something that I love! I just needed a break to clear my head and conjure up some new and refreshing ideas because I felt that I was becoming stagnant. Needless to say, I'm back and better than ever and I cannot WAIT to share with you all the goodness that is to come!

&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;



Dress: GILLIAN      Skirt: American Apparel       Belt: Goodwill     Clutch: Goodwill
Earrings: Belk         Sunglasses: The Clothing Warehouse     Shoes: Steve Madden


So, who take a perfectly bomb dress and makes it into a top.... ME! 

I found this dress on a whim at a local vintage shop here in Atlanta and it definitely was calling my name. I have been into bold African and Tribal inspired prints and pastels lately and so I figured why not put them together. I love this look because the bold and dramatic look of the top doesn't over power the rest of the outfit because the skirt makes it stand out and the black accent touches from the belt and the shoes create a sleek final touch .

SPEAK OUT: Are you into Tribal prints? Do you consider yourself a Fashion Risk taker??