4 Fall | Winter Trends Not To Miss!

It’s September, and that means one thing, you can start legitimately looking at the fashion trends for the next season! Hooray! Below I break down some of the hottest looks and how to style them to your body.


Luxe Fabrics

We are going to see a lot of opulent and luxury fabric on the market this FW season. Think flowing velvet dresses, sequins tops and pants. Anything that catches the light and looks like it costs a fortune is going to work well. Haha!

Velvet Midi Skirt: $24-  MissGuided.com

Velvet Midi Skirt: $24- MissGuided.com

When wearing velvet, be careful to get the right cut for your body. Some women look great in bias cut velvet dresses that hugs the figure. But if there are a few places that you'd rather the fabric not cling to, then try a skater style dress that is fit and flare. This will give you a nice waist, without having to worry about it being skin tight.


Wearing sequins is the most fun. They are a great way of getting dressed up for a night or even elevating a more basic outfit. The thing with sequins is that as they are metallic, they need to be carefully matched to your skin tone. Cooler skin tones suit silvers, blues, and pinks, whereas warmer skin tones can wear gold, red and copper.

Remember too that you can reuse items from previous seasons that fit this remit like the gold sequined jacket.


Chunky Heels

Another major trend in fashion for FW 2016 is the chunky platform heel. Ok, so it's not exactly alien to us now, but this season look is distinctive in a few specific ways.

Suedette Platform Mule: $38-  ASOS.com

Suedette Platform Mule: $38- ASOS.com

Firstly to be on trend you will need to rock a cleated sole. That is a large rubber platform, which has distinct threads that can be seen, even when your foot is on the floor.

Secondly this season it's all about the punk look, so go black with you boot choice. You can even liven them up with some colorful laces.

Lasting they have to be heavy looking. The advantage of this is that they are probably much more stable than a pair of stilettos for stomping around town in.


Focus on the waist

A massive trend this season is to accentuate the waist. Belts, corsets & cinchers are all being worn on the outside for a slight burlesque feel. If your waist isn't you best feature, this look can work well for you. This is because accessories like wide belts help to create a waist where there wouldn't normally be one.

Use a cincher under your clothes to get a more of an hourglass frame, then over the top use a wide style like an obi belt to shape your outfit and figure.

Smooth Obi Belt: $29.90-  Express.com

Smooth Obi Belt: $29.90- Express.com


Faux Sheep Skin

Dorothy Perkins Belted Faux Shearling Gilet: $39-  HouseOfFraser.co.uk

Dorothy Perkins Belted Faux Shearling Gilet: $39- HouseOfFraser.co.uk

Faux sheepskin or shearling as it is more often known is going to be big this season. That's good news for all those women that jumped on the trend at the end of last winter. They can get out their coats and jackets for a second run.

If you fancy giving this look a go, just remember to check whether the shearling is treated to be waterproof? If not, get some spray and treat it yourself or you could end up looking like drowned rat instead of a fashionista!

What are some trends your anticipating this season? Comment below...