My straightened Natural Hair (Too Groovy Hair Salon Experience)

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After 2 years your girl FINALLY got her hair straightened and a MUCH NEEDED trim (don't judge me) and of course I went to Too Groovy Salon in Atlanta to get my hair done. My stylist/owner Robin wasn't available but she put me in the hands of stylist Roseline who definitely worked her magic!

I went into the salon on last Wednesday and of course it was packed because everyone was trying to get their hair done for Thanksgiving. While the salon was very busy and as you know salons usually are on the weekends and major holidays, the staff showed great customer service and Roseline was very prompt and greeted me with a warm smile (especially since I was a last minute appointment).


Getting a much needed Steam Hydration Treatment

After my Steam Hydration... Poppin Curls! My hair felt so moisturized and the curls were visible and elongated.

Roseline was VERY informative and guided me throughout the entire process! During my wash session, she informed me of what was going to take place for my hair appointment and she assessed my hair and told me the shampoos and conditioners she was going to use during the wash and steam hydration periods. She also informed me that she was going to use moisturizing products to seal in moisture to make my silk press last.

After my blowdry

After my blowdry

Length before I got my ends trimmed. I had about 2 inches cut off!

The salon showed great teamwork in working together to get my hair done and I would definitely recommend Too Groovy and Roseline if you are in the Atlanta area and looking for a natural hair stylist who is going to not only give you a beautiful style, but also nurture and care for your hair!

For more info on Roseline and Too Groovy, visit....



Bloggers Picks: 6 hair products for curly hair we can't live without!!

I'm so excited to have collaborated with Diane of The Style Context to bring you all a Blogger's Picks collabo for naturally curly hair (HOLLA)!! She's enlisted the help of different bloggers (yours truly included) to share with you our favorite products to tame and bring out the best in our curly tresses all the while not breaking the bank!

Check out my FAV pick of the moment below... 

Curls Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste, $7.99, Available at Target

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What is your hair type and what are your "go-to" products right now?

Impromptu Shopping trip to T.J. Maxx

Rarely do I go to T.J. Maxx, so I didn't realize that they sold top quality beauty/hair products. (I know... My bad!) I walked in for one thing & came out with more! While shopping for a stylus pen for my ipad, I ran across their beauty section (my boo knew we were gonna be here awhile) and to my surprise, everything I found was what I REALLY needed lol.

Giovanni Hydrating-Clarifying Shampoo: With having natural hair, I use A LOT of products to keep it moisturized. I've been looking for a clarifying shampoo that was sulfate and laureth free, so i'm excited to see how this works on my hair!

Spa Bella Shower Cap: DON'T JUDGE ME lol but for the longest time, when I take showers, I've used a plastic bag as my shower cap.  Now that I think about it, it's really sad that I've been too lazy to go to the store and pick one up, so this was DEFINITELY needed.

Bamboo Drying Towel: I have been abusing my hair for years now using a regular towel to dry my hair smh..... Now that I'm natural and have learned the importance of my hair, it's time to start giving it the TLC it needs, starting with the towel. I'm excited to see how this works in comparison to that ol' thang! 

Giovanni's D:tox Purifying Mask:  I believe I do a great job of taking care of my skin b/c it stays clear but I felt I needed a mask to really deep clean it from the inside (you know, like those yearly dental visits).

I'm excited to see how the products work for me. 

Do you go to T.J. Maxx? What was your latest FAB find from there?  

Recap: Cocktails & Curls


A few weeks ago, I attended the Cocktails & Curls event by Natural Hair Freedom where naturals from all over the ATL (and surrounding areas) got a chance to mix and mingle and check out products from natural hair companies, beauty distributors and jewelry/accessories owners. Sponsors included Karen's Body Beautiful, Natty Coco, Motives by LaLa Anthony and more!

The event was jam packed and definitely a great time!


Check out the pics below....