Easy "Top Knot Bun" using Carol's Daughter

Here is a simple, quick and cute hair style to try if you're having a bad hair day, have a holiday hair appt coming up or you just don't feel like doing your hair. This is my "go-to" style!

Products Used: Carols Daughter "Healthy Hair Butter", Elastic hair band and a cute head band (optional)

  1. I used the healthy hair butter to moisturize and seal my ends (about a quarter sized amount).
  2. I gathered my hair (a little past the crown of my head) and used the elastic band to secure my hair and make a bun. I wrapped the band twice around and then the third time I made the bun.
  3. I put the head band on to add a little fun and accessorize the style.

And THAT'S IT!! This style took no more than about 3-5 minutes and I'm out the door!

Have you tried this style before?