5 tips to protect your hair while protective styling

There are lots of people who say that you shouldn't keep a protective style (sew-in) in your head for more than 2 months at a time. This may be true for some, but for me, I believe that you can keep a protective style in longer IF you know how to take care of your hair while doing so.

This is month 2 that I've had my sew-in and I wanted to share with you all my top 5 tips for maintaining your hair under that protective style. 

  • Make sure that you leave out your edges (front, side & back) to prevent breakage. These areas are the most sensitive part of your hair and excessive stress can prevent growth.
  • Get a protective style that matches your hair type/texture as close as possible! If you are a natural and leave out your edges and you install silky straight hair, you will tend to flat iron your natural hair so that it "blends in". Excess heat will cause breakage and minimize growth. Remember the point of a sew-in is to PROTECT your hair from damage.                                                                          

 If you want a specific type of texture that your natural hair doesn't match, try a lace closure (that's what I have), works perfectly!!

  • Moisturize your hair (and new growth as it comes in) with natural oils and/or liquid moisturizers (leave in conditioners are great). Make sure that you use a spray bottle and distribute evenly with your fingers.
  • Wash your hair at least twice a month with a clarifying/hydrating shampoo (Giovanni has a great one). Make sure to take your time and go through each braided section. Make sure that you rinse thoroughly to ensure that your hair is free of shampoo and sit under a hooded dryer (to help minimize the chance of mildew in your natural hair).
  • As you would do with your natural hair, protect your install at night by using a satin bonnet, scarf or pillow case. 

Every one knows their hair and what works for them..... These are things that I do to my hair every night to ensure that my natural hair is taken care of and to preserve the life of my install.  For me, this keeps my hair healthy every time I take down my sew-ins.


My straightened Natural Hair (Too Groovy Hair Salon Experience)

Too Groovy Salon.JPG

After 2 years your girl FINALLY got her hair straightened and a MUCH NEEDED trim (don't judge me) and of course I went to Too Groovy Salon in Atlanta to get my hair done. My stylist/owner Robin wasn't available but she put me in the hands of stylist Roseline who definitely worked her magic!

I went into the salon on last Wednesday and of course it was packed because everyone was trying to get their hair done for Thanksgiving. While the salon was very busy and as you know salons usually are on the weekends and major holidays, the staff showed great customer service and Roseline was very prompt and greeted me with a warm smile (especially since I was a last minute appointment).


Getting a much needed Steam Hydration Treatment

After my Steam Hydration... Poppin Curls! My hair felt so moisturized and the curls were visible and elongated.

Roseline was VERY informative and guided me throughout the entire process! During my wash session, she informed me of what was going to take place for my hair appointment and she assessed my hair and told me the shampoos and conditioners she was going to use during the wash and steam hydration periods. She also informed me that she was going to use moisturizing products to seal in moisture to make my silk press last.

After my blowdry

After my blowdry

Length before I got my ends trimmed. I had about 2 inches cut off!

The salon showed great teamwork in working together to get my hair done and I would definitely recommend Too Groovy and Roseline if you are in the Atlanta area and looking for a natural hair stylist who is going to not only give you a beautiful style, but also nurture and care for your hair!

For more info on Roseline and Too Groovy, visit....




Easy "Top Knot Bun" using Carol's Daughter

Here is a simple, quick and cute hair style to try if you're having a bad hair day, have a holiday hair appt coming up or you just don't feel like doing your hair. This is my "go-to" style!

Products Used: Carols Daughter "Healthy Hair Butter", Elastic hair band and a cute head band (optional)

  1. I used the healthy hair butter to moisturize and seal my ends (about a quarter sized amount).
  2. I gathered my hair (a little past the crown of my head) and used the elastic band to secure my hair and make a bun. I wrapped the band twice around and then the third time I made the bun.
  3. I put the head band on to add a little fun and accessorize the style.

And THAT'S IT!! This style took no more than about 3-5 minutes and I'm out the door!

Have you tried this style before?

Bloggers Picks: 6 hair products for curly hair we can't live without!!

I'm so excited to have collaborated with Diane of The Style Context to bring you all a Blogger's Picks collabo for naturally curly hair (HOLLA)!! She's enlisted the help of different bloggers (yours truly included) to share with you our favorite products to tame and bring out the best in our curly tresses all the while not breaking the bank!

Check out my FAV pick of the moment below... 

Curls Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste, $7.99, Available at Target

Check out what products the other bloggers are using here... 


What is your hair type and what are your "go-to" products right now?

Recap: Cocktails & Curls


A few weeks ago, I attended the Cocktails & Curls event by Natural Hair Freedom where naturals from all over the ATL (and surrounding areas) got a chance to mix and mingle and check out products from natural hair companies, beauty distributors and jewelry/accessories owners. Sponsors included Karen's Body Beautiful, Natty Coco, Motives by LaLa Anthony and more!

The event was jam packed and definitely a great time!


Check out the pics below.... 


Curls & Cocktails (ATL Edition)


Last Thursday, I was invited to the Curls & Cocktails event put on by Curls founder, Mahisha Dellinger for the launch of her products in Walmart stores. Mae (aka Natural Chica) was the host for the ATL event and many natural curlistas from all over the city came out. 

Ladies enjoyed Curl swag bags and cocktails as we dished about all things hair, beauty and how to properly use and get the best out of the products.  Some ladies even won prizes from the Curls line for answering questions or having the most unique look.

Take a look at some of the photos and fabulousness from the event!