Night Life Hair Wrap Review

I have been looking for a good quality and cute hair wrap for the longest so I'm so excited to review the Nightlife Hair Wrap! Kathleen Williams is the founder and CEO of the company and I had the pleasure of meeting her at a networking event that I attended a few weeks ago and when we met, we instantly hit it off and she offered me an opportunity to review her wrap.

I reviewed the Euni wrap in Purple (as shown in the photos) and I absolutely love the hair wrap because it's very cute and stylish and purple is my fav color. The wrap is made from a silky stretch fabric and is adjustable so it's not tight around my head and it snaps with a Velcro closure.

The wrap came in this pretty purple drawstring bag.

Stylish design 


I also love the fact that it stays secure on my head because I am a wild sleeper and in the past when I would wake up, my scarf would be on the floor and hair all over my head. With the Nightlife wrap, my styles are secure for the next day and my hair is protected from my cotton sheets.

The decorative "bling" designs adds a hint of fashion to the wrap, but if you are more on the conservative side, it can be removed. 


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DISCLAIMER: I was given a hair wrap by Nighlife Hair Wrap, LLC to review but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.