Product Review: Pure Radiance Night Cream (Vitamin C+)

I absolutely LOVE Lumene products! I have been using them since about 2006 and they have never failed me. I decided to try their Pure Radiance Night Cream because I was in search of cream that did not leave my skin dry in the morning. 

This product is amazing. Not only does it leave my skin nourished and moisturized, but it also leaves me with a radiant healthy glow (hence the name "Pure Radiance.")  This night cream is also a detox and balances the skin's properties during the night so that when you wake, your skin is not dry or ashy looking.

Lumene's Pure Radiance Night Cream contains rare powerful ingredients from the Arctic like the plant sterols in the seed oil of Arctic cloudberry which helps restore and balance the skin's natural protective layer. In addition, the detoxing properties found in the cloudberry nectar helps make skin brighter and more radiant. (taken from This product is recommended for women 25+ with normal to dry skin and it does not contain Paraben's or any Synthetics (the yellowish color comes from the Arctic cloudberry.) 

I believe that every woman, not matter the age should practice a good skin care regimen so that you will always have beautiful skin with and without makeup.  

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