Clean Skin as easy as 1..2..3...


Many of us have heard time and time again, how important it is to practice a good skin care regimen, BUT how many of us really do it? Although it's been mentioned on many different websites and blogs an infinite number of times, I decided (until more and more people jump on the bandwagon) to continue preaching to the choir until we have everyone on board!

"Clean skin is critical for clear skin. It’s the very first step in your daily skin care regimen."Jacquie Carter

1.  Clean skin does not chose a side.

That mean guys, you need to cleanse your faces too! Just because you do not wear make up like many of us women, fellas there are also skin impurities that get trapped in your pores too.  Has anyone really stopped and taken the time to think about what we are exposed to on a daily basis- pollution, smog, cigarette smoke, car exhaust, aerosol sprays, sick people coughing in your face… ugh!  Just because you can’t see the harsh environment on your face at the end of the day, does not mean it’s not there.  It needs to be washed off!

2. Healthy Skin= Night time cleansing.

Trust, there are nights when I am a lazy pig and will hop straight in the bed without washing my face, but that does not mean it's right. So this applies to me just as it does you. Take the debris from the environment off your face before you go to sleep, especially your makeup. Sleeping in makeup WILL clog your pores and result in those gross looking breakouts.  Unwashed skin can become a breeding ground for bacteria  and it will leave your skin looking dull.

3. If you washed at night, you STILL have to wash your face in the morning. 

OMG.... more work.... YES!! You have to realize that a lot of times your face is the first thing people see before you open your mouth to speak, so WHY NOT put your best face forward! Just because you go to bed with a cleansed face does not mean you can skip the morning wash. You need to remove the night products that you use mostly because our body works to repair itself when we’re sleeping.  During this time, the skin secretes oils and other impurities that must be removed in the morning as they may prevent our daytime skin care products from working properly.

Here's a quick tip to make this process easier for you: Wash your face when your in the shower. VOILA!

4. Find the right products for your skin type.

Although most cleansers offer the same benefits to the skin: remove dirt, oil, bacteria and makeup, they can also be formulated to target different skin concerns such as dry or oily skin. Oily skin mostly requires the use of a ‘gel’ cleanser and dry skin usually needs a ‘lotion’ style cleanser.

Remember, you should ALWAYS use a QUALITY cleanser, toner, moisturizer and day and night cream in your skin regimen. 

Be good to your skin and your skin will be good to you!