Grow Nails Healthy & Strong


I am a girl that is all about my nails! As much as I love to ombre, marble, design and shellac my nails up, it is also very important to me that my nails are healthy and strong. When my nails do break, unfortunately it isn't just a small chip or tear, it tends to break from the nail bed (insert sad face.)  So with proper maintenance, I have learned how to control breakage.

Here are some tips I wanted to share with you so you can maximize your nail swag to its fullest potential!


1.) Stop Biting Them

This is easier said than done, especially if this is your crutch if you are prone to nervousness. But it is possible! Get regular manicures to dissuade chomping down, and distract yourself with other hand activities (like taking pics of your fly nails.)

2.) Wear Rubber Gloves 

If your a germ-a-phobe like me, then this is 2nd nature!  Always remember to wear gloves when you're doing the dishes, cleaning, or applying any chemicals to your hair. The more your nails are exposed to water and chemicals, the softer and more sensitive they get. 

3.) Massage Your Cuticles

Your nails only grow about one eighth of an inch per month, depending on hormones, temperature (they grow faster in the summer), and overall nail health. You can speed up the process by massaging your cuticles, which increases circulation at the starting point of nail growth and encourages new, stronger talons to emerge.

4.) Take Vitamins

Supplementing Biotin, a vitamin responsible for supporting cell growth and metabolism, will give you stronger nails, shinier hair, and clearer skin—all in one (but limit your intake amount)! Plus, applying an antioxidant-packed topical Vitamin E oil will keep your nails properly moisturized, discouraging breakage. And as always, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and getting your proper dose of protein. 

5.) Use Strengtheners

Yasssss..... A MUST HAVE!! Go to brands include Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails base and top coat, which protects your pearls from harsh polishes, and Sparitual’s Nutri-Thick, which is vegan, toxin-free, and super effective at building calcium for stronger nails. 


How do you take care of your nails?